Police slam drivers for shoddy parking and reveal 'shocking' examples

‘Do they even have a licence?’ Police slam drivers over shoddy parking and share pictures revealing ‘shocking’ examples

  • Police shared ‘shocking’ examples of bad parking in a bid to shame drivers 
  • The police force called on drivers to simple ‘stop’ parking so badly on Soho Road 

Police have resorted to taking pictures of badly parked cars and posting them on Twitter in a bid to shame shoddy drivers. 

Exasperated police officers shared ‘shocking’ examples of bad parking on Birmingham’s Soho Road as they slammed shoddy parkers for ‘putting lives at risk’.

Examples included one driver who had simply parked their car in the middle of the pavement, and another who parked their car hanging off the curb. 

The police force mocked the bad parkers by asking ‘Do they even have a license?’ as they called on drivers to simply ‘stop’ parking on the pavement.   

Officers also warned bad parkers are creating ‘dangerous situations’ as they vowed to ‘actively seek out’ those who have broken the rules of the road.

Police shared a photo a silver Vauxhall as they asked ‘Do they even have a license’

The silver Vaxhaull was pictured hanging off the curb  

Police said they had already handed out 37 fixed penalty notices ‘for a range of parking offences’. 

In one photo, a silver Vauxhall sits half on the pavement and half on the road, at an angle diagonal to the house. 

‘I can’t parallel park so, I’ll just leave it here, 1/2 on 1/2 off the kerb, blocking the footpath!’ the police joked on Twitter. 

The police force said anyone whose car was photographed should ‘expect a letter in the next few days’.

The crackdown followed concerns from members of the public about the ‘awful’ parking in the neighbourhood. 

Police said they handed out 37 fixed penalty notices for an  array of offences

The police resorted to shaming drivers after warnings failed to work

The crackdown follows complaints from members of the public

Prior to the crackdown, the officers claimed they had repeatedly tried to explain to drivers the dangers of illegal parking. 

Now, the police are hoping to shame dodgy parkers into following the rules. 

They warned the problem cannot be solved ‘by Encouragement and Education alone,’ as they said drivers know they are breaking the law but do so anyway.

‘Feedback from all of the drivers we spoke to today was that they knew they were committing offences, but carried on & did it anyway!’ the police force said.  

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