The cable TV audience has been substantially decreasing over the past few years. The usual television is being substituted by the Internet TV. E.g. as of July 2021, up to 82% of adults in the USA claim that streaming is more entertaining than doing cable. Along with that, online TV is much more convenient and affordable. So, whenever one intends to access Polish TV, they go online. And PolBox.TV is the best provider for these kinds of services

3 days of free Polish TV channels online

Television or Internet? There is no need to compare anymore. Once online TV was created, it absorbed the best features of both. Here are some advantages of Polish TV on the internet, compared to regular television:

  • Quick, simple, convenient, and affordable installation. No need to draw cables, mount a satellite dish or call any technical staff to perform the works. Any user can install Internet TV by themselves, and it will take minutes.
  • Operates on any other hardware besides TV sets, for instance, personal computers and laptops, as well as mobiles devices such as phones or tablets.
  • Works in any place you go, provided that there will be Internet access. So you can watch it at home, at work, in your car, standing in a line, on holiday or during a business trip.
  • Best quality of picture and sound (can be upgraded to HD).
  • Polish television online is saving a large part of the user’s budget, there are no long-term contracts involved.
  • Customer-focused. Internet TV is really smart, it remembers your interests, search history, and many other details to make your experience richer, and save a lot of useless effort you put in when looking for necessary content with usual TV.
  • Polish TV online is flexible. Users can postpone the channel’s programs when they are busy, use 14 days archive.

And these are only the basic services PolBox.TV provides for its customers. Enjoy them for free, as we offer a 3-day trial period for our future customers.

Polish TV free content in the trial package

Going with the trial Premium package of Polish TV online, you receive your full 3-day access to:

  • more than 120 free Polish TV channels online
  • 5 Polish TV free radio stations
  • collection of 3,000 movies dubbed in the Polish language

Along with the excellent service, users are also provided with 24-hour technical support. And the PolBox.TV communities all around the world will share tips on how to make the most of your Internet TV.