Poll shows 57.5% of people want Elon Musk to step down Twitter CEO

Time to pack up your desk Elon! After more than 17 million votes were cast in 12 hours 57.5% of people DO want Musk to step down as head of Twitter

  • Twitter CEO Elon Musk put his future with the company in the hands of its users 
  • In a poll he asked if he should step down and swore to ‘abide by the results’
  • More than 17.5million people voted, with 57.5% saying they wanted him to go 

Elon Musk might be on the way out as head of Twitter after nearly 60 per cent of his followers voted for him to be sacked.

After weeks of criticism for how he has run the website since he took it over at the end of October, the Chief Twit put a review of his performance to the people.

More than 17.5million people cast their vote in a poll asking if he should quit his job as CEO.

‘Should I step down as head of Twitter? I will abide by the results of this poll,’ the Chief Twit posted just before 6.30pm on Sunday evening. 

When it closed 12 hours later the result was a resounding thumbs down for one of the world’s richest men – 57.5 per cent of users said they wanted him out, equating to over 10million users.

By comparison, 42.5 per cent voted in favour of keeping him on as head of the website, the equivalent of nearly 7.5million users. 

It is not clear at this time who will replace him if he does follow through on his threat and step down as boss.

‘Should I step down as head of Twitter? I will abide by the results of the poll,’ Musk asked. The result was a resounding yes

Elon Musk, 51, is putting his future with Twitter in the hands of the app’s users. So far, the majority of people want him gone as the Head of Twitter

After setting the poll live Musk warned: ‘As the saying goes, be careful what you wish, as you might get it.’

He later wrote: ‘Those who want power are the ones who least deserve it.’

Rapper Snoop Dogg jokingly ran a poll of his own, asking his followers if he should replace Musk by posing the question: ‘Should I run Twitter?’

After 10 hours 81.8 per cent of the one million people who voted in his poll said yes.

It is yet another dramatic moment in the rollercoaster ride that Twitter has been on since Musk completed his $44billion takeover of the social media site in October.

The responses to Musk’s tweets were varied to say the least, with many Twitter users sharing the poll in hopes the results will stay in favor of him departing, while others flooded his comments begging him to stay. 

‘People voting yes do realize that Elon is still going to own Twitter, he’s just going to find someone to take on the day to day operations, but have say in everything, sooo your yes vote is meaningless,’ wrote USA Today sports writer Steve Rudden.

Snoop Dogg comically joined in on the debate and posted his own poll, asking followers if he should run Twitter instead

‘I’m not sure this is the most scientific way to make a decision like this,’ said Vanity Fair special correspondent Molly Jong Fast.  

‘I vote no. Because you show that you want to improve. Own your mistakes. Move forward. Improve,’ said one person. 

‘Let me predict the consequences of this poll: If “yes,” Elon will be CEO for a few months longer until he finds a devoted successor. If “no,” Elon will be CEO for a few months longer until he finds a devoted successor,’ said one Twitter user. 

Musk has caught flack in recent days and weeks over his handling of the app, including his recent suspension of notable journalists who have covered him. 

On Saturday evening, he kicked Washington Post writer Taylor Lorenz off the app after she was accused of revealing the exact address of TikTok talent scout Ariadna Jacob in a 2020 article.

Lorenz confirmed she was booted from the platform on Saturday night in a TikTok video without but Musk said less than 12 hours later he would be lifting her ban.

‘Temp suspension due to prior doxxing action by this account,’ Musk wrote in response to a Tweet about Lorenz’s ban. ‘Will be lifted shortly.’  

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