DRAMATIC footage shows US rapper Post Malone getting into the brace position for an emergency landing after two tyres on his private jet burst on take-off.

The plane carrying the US star and 15-strong entourage was forced to circle Teterboro Airport in New Jersey for five hours before the hero pilot finally landed it safely in New York.

Malone, 23, and his crew were on their way to Luton ahead of the star's performance at Reading Festival on Friday.

His friend shared footage of the musician and his pals boarding the luxury jet on Instagram yesterday.

He later posted another video showing Malone with his head between his knees alongside the caption: "They told us to get in position for landing."

After touching down, same friend told his Instagram followers: "Landed safely guys, we were circling up in the air for hours but we're good, we've landed safely."

Just hours before the tense flight, Malone was filmed partying with British songstress and close friend Rita Ora.

Hot Right Now singer Rita,  27, eventually re-posted the video saying: "The squad,  thank God you're okay Post Malone."

As the jet took off at 4pm on Monday two tyres blew out prompting the pilot to be re-routed twice by air-traffic control.

But the pilot was told to continue the flight and head to Massachusetts to burn off more fuel to make the emergency landing safer.

The jet was diverted twice before landing safely at Stewart International Airport, 60 miles north of New York City.

Fans cheered as the pilot expertly touched down on the runway lined with fire engines and ambulances.

Shortly after landing the rapper took to social media to blast Twitter trolls who wished "death on him".

Post tweeted: "I landed guys. Thank you for your prayers. Can't believe how many people wished death on me on this website. F*** you. But not today."

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Moments after touching down, he told TMZ: "Oh, my God, I hate flying in general.

"I don't even know what to say, man. I'm shook.

"There was one hell of a team on that aircraft, and we're here, we're here on earth, and I need a beer, and I need some wine, at the same time, mixed together."

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