A POSTWOMAN has tearfully claimed "it's a joke" after bragging on TikTok she only waits two seconds before deciding not to deliver someone's parcel.

Welsh Royal mail worker Laura Orgill, 26, sparked outrage when she posted a video on TikTok showing how she shoves a ‘We missed you’ leaflet through the letterbox just seconds after knocking.

The clip sparked outrage – with many slamming the video and reporting her to her employer.

But Laura has since posted a tearful video – saying she had been left "upset" and that the video was a joke.

When quizzed over the video, the popular Instagram and TikTok star told the Sun Online: "I'll have to speak to my manager."

And she told her mum to shut the door of their Welsh home. 

Moments later, the young woman posted a message on Instagram, showing her in tears as she sits in her mail van.

She said: “I’ve very upset about the situation. All I did was use a trending sound and think of a funny scenario that people think that posties do to match the sound and unfortunately people have taken it seriously.

“All I’ve tried to do is use my platform to spread positivity and fun. “During such uncertain times which has now led to me being upset, all through the last year I used my platform for good.”

And her mum told the Sun Online the backlash had been "really hard for her".

She said: "What she said was plainly a joke. It's ridiculous.

“She phoned me crying and saying how upset she is and that it was only ever a joke.“I don’t think what she did was stupid. It really was just a joke.”

Laura gained attention online when she posted a video of her laughing as she made deliveries on her rounds.

The caption read: "When a customer takes longer than two seconds to answer the door".

But the joke backfired as after posting her parcel video, she was inundated with angry comments from Royal Mail customers fed up of having to chase their packages.

Royal Mail has since confirmed Laura had not been fired but that she had been spoken to.

After she was inundated with trolls, Laura posted another video addressing the parcel furore.

She said: “Comments like this really upset me. “All I do is try to upload silly videos day in day out to cheer people up because I know how much they do in these uncertain times and people like this have the audacity to try and bring me down.

“I’m one of the only full-time workers during the pandemic – when parcels went through the roof – which was so hard.

“All I do while working, doing a hard day’s graft, is try and find some time to make some videos as I know how much it cheers people up.

She had been met with a string of comments after her video, with one saying: “I know it’s a joke but it doesn’t look good on the company, I’d never post in uniform, wouldn’t surprise me if disciplinary.”

Another added: “This actually really bugs me. I get to the door fast and they’ve lit got to the bottom of the drive. 

A third wrote: “When you are wheelchair bound and can’t rush to the door and they force you to collect the package three miles away.”

The ‘TikTok postie’ became a TikTok star after posting videos of her rounds in south Wales’ Rhondda valley.

Her videos focus on her work with Royal Mail and she has 745,000 followers and 34 million likes.

A spokesperson for the Royal Mail said: “Royal Mail always strives to give customers the highest levels of service.

“Our postmen and postwomen always go the extra mile to get customers their mail as quickly and as conveniently as possible.

“We have discussed this with the employee concerned, and reminded her of the need to always uphold the highest standards.

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