‘I said no hoods on!’ Moment angry Poundland security guard shouts at woman before shocked customers intervene

  • A security guard in a Notting Hill Poundland screamed at woman in the store 
  • Argument broke out after he demanded that woman take down her hood 
  • Customers stepped in and ushered the guard away from the woman and friend 

This is the moment a security guard screamed at a woman in Poundland after demanding she remove her hood.

Video footage of the incident at the store on Portobello Road in Notting Hill, west London, last week went viral and shows shocked customers stepping in to push back the security guard.

It is believed the woman had been wearing a hood over her hijab.  

The footage was shared on Facebook with the caption: ‘My sister went into Poundland in Portobello Road with her friend.

‘As they entered the store the security guard aggressively ordered her friend to take the hood off.

‘He became increasingly aggressive and snatched her phone out of her hand as she was about to film his tantrum.

‘Fortunately her friend captured his disgusting behaviour on her phone as can be seen in the footage.’

The video begins with the security saying to the woman: ‘You are not supposed to take a picture of me like that.

A security guard at Poundland’s shop on Portobello Road in Notting Hill, west London, screamed at a woman after demanding that she remove her hood

When the security guard realised he was being filmed he reacted angrily and started filming the incident himself

The guard angrily adds: ‘I said no hoods on.’ 

Growing more agitated, he screams loudly: ‘That’s all I said! Do you understand,’ as he steps closer to the woman.

Then he yells: ‘I don’t give a f*** who you are!

Customers try to calm the security guard down and usher him away from the woman.

He screams loudly: ‘I said no hoods on. That’s all I said! Do you understand?’ (left) The video began with the security saying to one woman: ‘You are not supposed to take a picture of me like that’ (right)

Other customers in the Notting Hill Poundland ushered the security guard away from the women

The man then turns to see the other woman filming the tirade so he starts filming her.

He can be heard seen holding a phone up as he walks towards her saying: ‘You wanna take a picture too yeah, let’s play that game too innit.’

The footage ends as shoppers intervene again and manhandle him down the aisle away from the women.  

Poundland told MailOnline it has ‘no written policy’ on headwear in their stores (File image)

Some Poundland shops across the UK have a policy of not allowing customers to wear their hoods up. 

A Poundland spokesman told MailOnline the company has ‘no written policy’ on headwear in their stores.

He added: ‘Earlier in the week we became aware of a video circulating on social media showing a confrontation between a security guard and customers.

‘While the security guard is not a Poundland employee, his behaviour is unacceptable, whatever the provocation that may have occurred during the incident.

‘Because we do not tolerate this kind of behaviour, we immediately got in touch with his employer to make our views clear.

‘We understand his employer has taken serious action in respect of his behaviour.

‘We do not, and will not, tolerate behaviour of this kind.’

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