Prince Harry shares drug that ‘helped’ him mentally as cocaine ‘did nothing’

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    Prince Harry has revealed the drug that "really helped" him mentally, and cast aside cocaine as a drug that "did nothing".

    The Duke of Sussex opened up on his drug use during a live question and answer section with Dr. Gabor Maté, and shared which drug worked best for him mentally.

    Promoting his memoir, Spare, the Duke considered marijuana was the most helpful narcotic that he had applied himself to, with the paid audience given the details of his drug use.

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    Prince Harry had previously revealed in his autobiography that he had taken several drugs, and claimed marijuana was the most helpful of all.

    Speaking to Dr Maté regarding his cocaine use, the Duke said: "I don't think that did anything for me. It was more of a social thing, and I guess trying to get a sense of belonging, for sure.

    "I think it also probably made me feel different to the way that I was feeling, which was kind of the point. Marijuana is different, that actually did help me."

    That point appeared to be "really helpful" with the use of marijuana, a drug use the Duke had revealed in his autobiography and further confirmed during his chat promoting the book.

    It comes just as the Duke of Sussex claimed he was "not a victim" during the talk with Dr Maté.

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    Daily Star previously reported that Harry had hoped his book would "help people", noting that his book served as an "act of service" to readers.

    Dr Maté had noted some were "resentful" toward the Duke, without having read the book.

    The Prince replied: "I definitely don't see myself as a victim', adding that his experiences and his work with mental health 'sharing my story will help some people out there."

    It comes during a talk that one expert, Phil Dampier, claimed the Duke had "nothing to lose" during his chat with Dr Maté following on from the Frogmore Cottage eviction.

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