Prince William and Harry ‘will welcome’ Michael Fawcett’s exit as they ‘felt he was a pernicious influence’ on Charles’ household

  • Insiders said Dukes have believed Prince Charles was ‘unwise’ to rely on Fawcett
  • Mr Fawcett dramatically quit over ongoing ‘cash for access’ inquiry
  • He resigned from £95,000-a-year chief executive post of Prince’s Foundation 

Princes William and Harry will be ‘pleased’ that Michael Fawcett has resigned as they felt he was a ‘pernicious influence’ on their father’s household, sources said last night.

Insiders said both the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex have long believed that Prince Charles was ‘unwise’ to rely so heavily on his right-hand man.

Harry even turned down an offer from Charles to have Mr Fawcett’s private events company, Premier Mode, help out with his 2018 wedding to Meghan as he wanted him to have nothing to do with it.

‘Divisive role’: Fawcett behind William and Charles at Holyroodhouse

One source said: ‘They were concerned at the way in which Fawcett was allowed to operate a personal fiefdom at the heart of their father’s household.

‘They felt it divisive and unwise.

‘They will not be disappointed by what has happened.’

Yesterday the Daily Mail revealed that Mr Fawcett, who was in charge of Charles’s charity operations, had dramatically quit over an ongoing ‘cash for access’ inquiry.

He has resigned from his £95,000-a-year post as chief executive of the Prince’s Foundation, with friends saying he is ‘shattered’ by events.

He has also had his private contract to organise events and entertaining for Charles severed, ending 40 years of service to the prince.

It follows reports he offered to help a billionaire Saudi donor to the prince’s charity secure both a knighthood and British citizenship.

It is understood that the prince’s former valet is not seeking to pre-empt an official investigation into the claims, which is still under way.

Mr Fawcett, 59, has twice previously been forced to resign over scandals, including accusations of bullying and selling on unwanted royal gifts. But each time the Prince of Wales took him back and even promoted him.

Palace insiders expressed their shock that Charles had finally let him go. One said: ‘Honestly, no one ever thought it would happen.’

Friends say Mr Fawcett is a ‘shadow of the man he once was’, both literally and metaphorically, having lost five stone.

Michael Fawcett (pictured left with the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles), aide & former valet to the Prince of Wales, resigned over Honour Claims

They say that is the reason for his decision to resign, not the inquiry.

Many in royal circles were questioning yesterday what the prince will do without him. One said: ‘He was the prince’s crutch, he relied on him completely.

Michael made things happen that others couldn’t or wouldn’t do. He will be bereft without him.’

Clarence House has said previously they are supportive of the investigation into the allegations.

But Mr Fawcett could still face the prospect of a police investigation over an alleged cash-for-honours scandal, it emerged yesterday.

In September, Met Commissioner Cressida Dick received complaints from former Liberal Democrat minister Norman Baker and the campaign group Republic about a possible breach of the Honours (Prevention of Abuses) Act of 1925.

Scotland Yard is still ‘making initial inquiries’.

‘Cool, calm’ mum who replaces him 

Michael Fawcett’s replacement as chief executive of The Prince’s Foundation is a ‘cool-headed and supremely capable’ mother-of-two.

Emily Cherrington, 38, pictured, is seen as the ideal person to steer the heir’s charitable legacy through choppy waters.

Married to a teacher, Mrs Cherrington is hugely well-liked and, crucially, she has earned the respect of all those she works with.

‘She is generally reg-arded as cool-headed in a crisis and that’s exactly what is needed,’ said someone who previously worked closely with her.

Emily Cherrington, 38, is the replacement for Michael Fawcett as chief executive of The Prince’s Foundation

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