The hunt for a group of thieves who tortured and killed a young British mom in Athens struck a roadblock after investigators failed to find any DNA evidence under the dead woman’s fingernails.

Caroline Crouch, 20, had a black belt in kickboxing, and police originally believed she must have put up a fight before she was strangled to death in a dawn robbery at the home she shared with her Greek husband and 11-month-old daughter last month.

A gang of attackers burst into the luxury property, shooting dead the family’s dog, according to a report.

The Greek police were forced to call for “patience” nearly a month after the May 11 incident. The police have neither found the getaway vehicle used in the crime nor any suspects. Footage of a suspicious vehicle followed by a motorcycle was captured outside the family’s home.

“I think we all have to be patient,” the president of the Union of police employees, Dimosthenis Pakos, told Skai Saturday. “The police shouldn’t be put under such pressure.”

Crouch was tortured and killed as the suspects held a gun to her baby daughter’s head, according to reports.

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