Psychological warfare officer Emily Rainey probed by Army for traveling over 300 miles to attend deadly US Capitol riot

PSYCHOLOGICAL warfare officer Emily Rainey is being investigated by the army for traveling over 300 miles attend the US Capitol riot.

The 30-year-old admitted to leading over 100 people to Washington, DC, but claimed she was not involved in the attack on the Capitol.

She claimed she was honest and open with her employers about her plans to go and that they were well within her rights.

“I was a private citizen and doing everything right and within my rights,” the avid anti-masker said on Sunday.

Capt. Emily's investigation comes as:

  • The horned QAnon "shaman" and the protester pictured carrying Pelosi’s lectern were arrested
  • Trump is apparently considering hiring Rudy Giuliani to defend him should he be impeached a second time
  • An extremist Pro-Trump group is urging protesters to attend another march on the Capitol this week – and to "come armed at personal discretion"
  • A second US Capitol police officer died days after the Capitol Hill riot
  • Footage shows when a crowd chanting "USA!" brutally attacked a cop

“I told my bosses before I went that I was going, and I told them when I got back.”

The 30-year-old claims her protest group, based in North Carolina, named Moore County Citizens for Freedom, were part of the peaceful protest efforts last Wednesday.

She shared a video on Facebook claiming the rioters were all Antifa.

"I don’t know any violent Patriots. I don’t know any Patriots who would smash the windows of a National jewel like the [Capitol].”

Rainey is a member of the 4th Pyschological Operations Group at Fort Bragg.

Members of the US military are allowed to take part in political organizations and events even when off duty, but are not allowed to sponsor partisan organizations.

Rainey's participation on Wednesday remains under investigation and it is unclear whether she went against DOD policy.

Last May she sent shockwaves after posting a video of her tearing down caution tape at a playground that was closed due to the pandemic.

Police in Southern Pines, a community about 30 miles west of Fort Bragg, charged her with injury to personal property over the incident after twice letting her off with warnings.

In Facebook posts, Rainey called her Moore County Citizens for Freedom a “movement.”

In one post in November, the group bragged about having a “peaceful protest,” warning at the time, “They should pray we stay that way.”

This come as a former Air Force Lieutenant Colonel was arrested after he stormed the Senate chamber during the Capitol riot was shopped to the FBI by his ex-wife, it's been revealed.

She called the Feds to say she recognized retired military man Larry Rendall Brock – who was seen wearing tactical gear and carrying zip ties – from footage of the mayhem.

"When I saw this was happening I was afraid he would be there," she told the FBI's  National Threat Operations Center adding "I think you already know he was there."

"It is such a good picture of him and I recognize his patch," added Brock's marital partner of 18 years. 

Brock was wearing several patches on his combat helmet and body armor, including one bearing a yellow fleur de lis – the insignia of the 706th Fighter Squadron. 

He later reportedly confirmed he was the man in the photos but claimed he found the zip tie handcuffs on the floor.

“I wish I had not picked those up,” he is said to have told The New Yorker.

"My thought process there was I would pick them up and give them to an officer when I see one. . . . I didn’t do that because I had put them in my coat, and I honestly forgot about them.” 

The 53 year old, from Texas, and Eric Gavelek Munchel, of Tennessee, were arrested on Sunday in connection with the US Capitol riots, according to the Department of Justice.

The Sun has approached Fort Bragg for comment and did not receive a response at the time of publication.

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