Pub landlady is jailed for 10 years for stabbing barmaid she wrongly suspected of affair with her husband because he had blurted out victim’s name while they were having marital sex is jailed for 10 years

  • Luisa Santos, 47, said she grabbed a fish knife to ‘frighten’ teen Hannah Pritchett
  • Santos, from Princethorpe, Warwickshire, had admitted wounding with intent 
  • She has been convicted of attempted murder and was jailed for ten years

A pub landlady who stabbed a barmaid in front of customers after wrongly accusing her of having an affair with her husband has been jailed for ten years.

Luisa Santos, 47, was convicted of trying to murder Hannah Pritchett, 18, after claiming her husband had called out her name in bed.

A court heard she grabbed a fish knife before stabbing Miss Pritchett in the back and hip at the Three Horseshoes pub in Princethorpe, Warwickshire.

Luisa Santos, 47, was convicted of trying to murder Hannah Pritchett, 18, has been jailed for ten years

Luisa Santos, 47, told her chef husband Pedro that Hannah Pritchett (pictured) was ‘laughing’ at her and ordered him to choose between the 18-year-old and his family

Mr Santos, who held The Three Horseshoes’ tenancy, denied uttering Miss Pritchett’s name and said the bedroom row had been over restaurant service arrangements.

Prosecutor Peter Grieves-Smith said Santos had formed a ‘deluded belief’ about the nature of the pair’s relationship. He told jurors the defendant and her victim had previously had an amiable relationship in which Miss Pritchett discussed her boyfriend, college studies and manicures with Santos.

Jurors at Warwick Crown Court deliberated for five hours and 16 minutes before convicting Portuguese Santos by an 11-1 majority.

The attack in May took place within minutes of Miss Pritchett arriving for lunchtime service at the inn, and was caught on CCTV.

Santos, from Princethorpe, Warwickshire, had admitted wounding with intent

Footage showed Santos approach Miss Pritchard as she sat on a stool polishing cutlery, then twice thrusting the blade into her left side from behind. The teenager suffered stab wounds eight centimetres and 17cm deep and spent three days in hospital.

Santos told jurors she felt ‘tormented’ by the victim allegedly ‘looking at me in a provocative way, like she knew what she was doing – like she was challenging me.’ 

She claimed that Miss Pritchett ‘always seemed to make an effort and get close to my husband’ when she went into the pub kitchen.

Police were called to the scene on the afternoon of May 21 to find the attack had spilled over into the car park and arrested Santos on suspicion of assault.

Miss Pritchett was taken to hospital where she underwent surgery to ensure there were no further internal injuries.

Santos, of Princethorpe, was later charged with attempted murder and was found guilty of the charge following a trial at Warwick Crown Court this week.

Today she was jailed for ten years and and ordered to serve a minimum two thirds of the sentence.

Detective Constable Gareth Morgan, of Warwickshire Police, said: ‘This attack was entirely unprovoked, and the victim was fortunate not to suffer more serious injuries.

‘It was witnessed my numerous people in the pub at the time and could have ultimately resulted in the loss of a life.

‘Although this was an isolated incident, great teamwork meant we were able to quickly arrest Santos and I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the investigation for their dedication and commitment throughout.

‘Using a knife is never acceptable and I am glad Santos is now behind bars where I hope she will be able to reflect on her actions.’

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