Pup stabbed to death in doggie dispute in New York's Central Park

‘You killed my dog you piece of sh*t!’ Moment suspect runs away after ‘stabbing 14-year-old rescue pit bull to death in NYC’s Central Park following clash with its owner

  • A 43-year-old woman and 51-year-old man were walking their two dogs, a Pitbull-German Shepherd mix and a chihuahua near 106th Street at about 8:30pm 
  • The suspect’s three unleashed dogs attacked the woman’s pit bull, as she tried to separate them, a man pulled out a switchblade and stabbed her dog 
  • No arrests were made as of Sunday – police are searching for the man responsible, who was said to be dressed in an orange shirt, cap and blue jeans

A couple whose dog was stabbed to death by a man with a knife in a dispute as they walked their pet in New York City’s Central Park say they fear what the suspect might do next.

Brian Robert Cornwell, 52, together with his wife Melanie, were walking their two dogs, a Pitbull-German Shepherd mix and a Chihuahua near 106th Street and Fifth Avenue at around 8:30pm when one of their pups was bitten.

There followed a heated dispute between the couple and the suspect who was also walking three dogs of his own.

The suspect’s unleashed dogs attacked the couple’s pit bull. But the dog fight suddenly turned into a dispute between the owners. 

As the pair tried to separate the dogs, the suspect pulled out a switchblade and began mercilessly stabbing Eli, the female Pitbull mix belonging to the couple. 

‘You killed my dog you piece of sh*t,’ Cornwell told the suspect as video caught him leaving the area. 

A man stabbed a dog to death in Central Park on Saturday, following a heated dispute between its owners and another dog walker as they were walking with their two dogs

Owner Brian Robert Cornwell, 52, can be seen walking away in disbelief on cellphone footage following the attack while his dog lay dying nearby


‘He’s a crazy guy,’ Brian Robert Cornwell, 52, told the New York Post Sunday, vowing to not step foot inside the park – at least for now.

‘I was trying to correct him and say it’s not OK, your dog just tried to bite my dog. And then he just wanted to be a tough guy and he started trying to talk to me like he’s my dad. I know the guy, I’ve spoken to him. But his dogs never tried to bite my dog,’ Cornwell continued.

‘We just had words, like, regular, stupid guy words,’ Cornwell added. ‘All of a sudden, three dogs are attacking me and [my wife] picked up my little dog … because [the suspect] was trying to punch me,’ he explained.

Cornwell said he and his wife, Melanie, tried to walk away before the situation got out of control and even used pepper spray on the suspect – but it had little effect. 

‘I know stuff happens. But I thought it was pretty safe around this neighborhood,’ Cornwell went on.

Police are now searching for the man responsible, who was said to be dressed in an orange shirt, blue jeans and orange baseball cap

The couple say they will not be getting another dog for fear of something similar happening.

‘It’s hard, because the dog was attached to her,’ Cornwell explained. 

‘I don’t want to see that happen again. I’m sad and I’m scared about what happened,’ wife, Melanie Cornwell, said.

The couple’s seriously injured dog was transported to a local animal clinic, where she was euthanized Saturday evening, according to the New York Police Department.

‘There was a dog on the ground that was dead, a lot of blood around it, a guy was trying to do something – and three other pit bulls without leashes…three pit bulls around him,’ said an eyewitness to ABC7. 

Following the brutal and barbaric act, the suspect fled the scene, leaving behind the dying dog and his devastated owners. 

Several people, including Eli’s owner, recorded the suspect walking away. He was left devastated by the death of his pet.

‘You killed my dog you piece of sh*t,’ he could be heard saying in the video.  

The incident occurred at 106th Street and Fifth Avenue at around 8:30pm on Saturday evening

‘I just can’t believe someone would attack an innocent dog. I don’t know what’s wrong with people – it’s so heartbreaking,’ Megan Stafford, a fellow dog walker, said to WABC-TV.

Police are now searching for the man responsible, who was said to be dressed in an orange shirt, blue jeans and orange baseball cap.

This isn’t the first violent attack against a dog in New York in the space of a year. 

Last August, a woman’s dog died after a vicious attack by a homeless man in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. 

Jessica Chrustic and her Golden Retriever mix were attacked by the emotionally disturbed man wielding a staff in Prospect Park. Her dog, Moose, later died from his injuries.

In 2021, a dog named Bandit was stabbed in Brooklyn at Fort Greene Park after Bandit approached the stabber’s dog during off-leash hours. 

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