Putin mouthpiece rants Ukraine is using 1760s ‘flintlock rifles and cannons’

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    One of Vladimir Putin's allies has launched a bizarre rant claiming that Ukraine will be forced to fight Russia with 18th-century weapons.

    Andrey Medvedev, a member of the Moscow City Duma, claimed that western media outfits have exaggerated claims about Ukraine facing a shortage of troops and weapons.

    Quoted in the pro-Kremlin mk.ru, Medvedev went on to say that even if Ukraine did lack resources for the ongoing war, they would resort to using “flintlock rifles and canons” from the 1760s.

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    Citing a Washington Post article published earlier this week with the headline “Ukraine short of skilled troops and munitions as losses, pessimism grow”, Medvedev accused media outlets in the west of using disinformation to downplay the chances of future Ukrainian offensives.

    Claiming that the United States would provide any equipment Ukraine needed, the outlet reported that Medvedev had written on his Telegram channel: “Firstly, everything is in order with Kyiv’s equipment.

    “And the lack of aviation will be compensated by the strikes of unmanned drones and (American MK fighter jets).”

    Both Russian and Ukrainian forces are reported to have suffered heavy losses during intense fighting over the last week.

    Accusing the Washington Post article of trying to prevent Russia from taking the threat of Ukrainian attacks seriously, Medvedev said that Volodymyr Zelenskyy's forces would resort to desperate measures if needed.

    “The Armed Forces of Ukraine will be driven on the offensive, even if they are not fully combat-ready, and they will have to fight with flintlock rifles and powder cannons of the Koliivshchyna period,” he added.

    The Koliivshchyna was a peasant rebellion in Ukraine in 1768 that resulted in thousands of civilians being slaughtered by Russian and Polish troops.

    Medvedev continued by saying that Ukraine will be keen to launch an offensive if they lose Bakhmut to Russian forces – the eastern city has been the centre of an intense battle for months as Putin's forces look to claim a rare victory.

    He speculated that Kyiv would be keen to be seen to be fighting back in order to secure further financial assistance from western allies.

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