Putin’s desperate men survive on instant noodles and potato cooked on ‘rockets’

A Russian soldier has laid bare the realities of life on the front line almost one year after President Vladimir Putin demanded his army invade Ukraine.

Since the invasion first began, reports have rumbled on about the shocking diet that Putin's men have been forced to live with.

And at one stage, a Russian battlefield kitchen was stolen showing how Russian soldiers were surviving on potatoes, onions and not much else.

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And it seems that after a full year, hardly anything has changed.

Speaking to pro-Kremlin Russian news outlet Moskovskij Komsomolets, a soldier known only as Sedoy speaks openly about the conditions.

Admitting that he cooks on something called a “rocket” – which is described as a “bizarre pot-belly stove” – he said: “On the 'rocket' we fried potatoes with meat.

“It turned out all fried and very tasty, and so the choice of dishes is not particularly great: pasta with stew, buckwheat with meat, stewed potatoes with meat – provided of course if there is an opportunity to get the meat.

“There is no time for cooking, you can not be distracted.

“We take canned food, instant noodles, porridge in jars, something that can be heated on gas burners or small stoves.

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“Tea, coffee, chocolates, bread, mayonnaise – products for five days.

“We try not to gain too much, we have to carry something on ourselves.”

The “rocket” burner, he added, was called as such because it is something that ignites “strongly”, which causes fire to break out of it.

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He added that it is “like from an aircraft engine”.

It is not clear exactly what the machine is, but pictures appear to show some kind of makeshift Bunsen-burner type of machine which does resemble the back end of a rocket.

The soldier also claimed they hold BBQs for comrades on their birthdays – and sometimes go all out and make a salad whenever possible.

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