Putin’s hapless air force having to use basic bombs as its struggles continue

Ukrainian drone forces Russian tank to retreat

According to new British analysis, the Russian air force has only achieved minor successes in its war against Ukraine, despite great effort.

The UK Ministry of Defence says Russia is trying to solve this problem by increasingly using so-called free-fall bombs with sliding attachments to extend their range.

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These bombs can be dropped from planes many kilometres from the target, but have not yet consistently proven their accuracy, the MoD said.

In a statement, they wrote: “The Russian Air Force continues to consistently deploy considerable resources in support of land operations in Ukraine, but without decisive operational effect.

“Over the summer, Russian tactical combat aircraft have typically carried out over 100 sorties a day, but these are almost always restricted to operating over Russian-controlled territory due to the threat from Ukrainian air defences.

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“Russia has attempted to overcome this issue by increasingly using basic free-fall bombs with range-extending glide attachments.

“Aircraft can release these many kilometres from their targets, but they have yet to demonstrate consistent accuracy.

“At the start of Ukraine’s southern counter-offensive from June 2023, Russian attack helicopters proved effective. However, in recent weeks Russia appears to have been less able to generate effective tactical airpower in the south.”

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