Putin’s mouthpiece admits they thought war in Ukraine ‘would be a lot easier’

Russian propagandists have finally admitted that they thought the war in Ukraine "would be a lot easier" than it turned out.

Ukrainian troops have managed to push back and counter a number of Vladimir Putin's troops advances since February this year, with a Kremlin spokesperson admitting they didn't think it'd be this tough.

Russian TV host and despot Putin ally, Vladimir Solovyov, made the remarks on a pro-Russia TV broadcast where he spoke of the war, which began more than eight months ago.

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The so-called "Putin's voice" appeared furious due to the floundering Russian troops, and made the bizarre claim that the "Nazi spear of NATO forces" had prevented their invasion.

Opening a furious broadcast that had the presenter slouched in his chair, he fumed: "These are certainly interesting times. The time of phenomenal departure from illusions."

After a bizarre comparison that saw Solovyov compare a cow to a jackal and slating Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy as a "Nazi b****rd", the talk show host continued to list his anger at the area.

Julia Davis, tweeting out the broadcast, wrote: "Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov is angry and despondent because Russia is floundering in Ukraine.

"He lies that NATO started the war against Russia on Feb 17 and airs a multitude of grievances against Joe Biden, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Jamie Raskin, Oleg Tinkov, Germany et al."

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But the talk shot host admitted that the war had not gone as smoothly as expected, indicating the troubles the invasion had seen in his broadcast, Newsweek reported.

He said: "True, not everything is going smoothly. Yes, we thought everything would be a lot easier. Yes, we anticipated and they started negotiations, which have been derailed, because nobody needs the Ukrainian people.

"They have to burn in the fire of this civil war, because as the president defined it, we are one people."

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