Meghan Markle and the Queen are feeling relieved after the Duchess of Sussex trial win against Associated Newspapers Limited claims a royal commentator who believes it came at a cost.

In the column for, Daniela Elser says that the “Team Sussex” result has come with Meghan paying a “steep price” for pursuing the case.

Although, she says the Queen will be “breathing a sigh of relief” now a “grisly trial” for Meghan and Prince Harry will no longer happen.

The Duchess of Sussex successfully sued Associated Newspapers Limited, who publish The Mail On Sunday and MailOnline, following the publication of a letter she had sent to her estranged father Thomas Markle, 76.

Associated Newspapers Limited appealed the decision but once again failed to get the case to trial, meaning Meghan would avoid seeing her father in court.

However, during the appeal, Meghan was embarrassingly forced to apologise after she “unintentionally” misled the court.

Meghan previously told the court that she was unsure about the involvement of her communications team regarding a 2020 biography on her and Prince Harry called Finding Freedom.

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It was later revealed by Jason Knauf, the couple’s former communications secretary that they had given the green light to speak to the authors.

Elser claims the incident is one of the most embarrassing misremembering from a royal.

She wrote: “Cue the most embarrassing instance of royal misremembering since the Queen managed to only recall at the eleventh hour that Paul Burrell, Diana, Princess of Wales’ butler, had told her he was removing hundreds of dresses of hers just before Burrell was about to stand trial for allegedly stealing said frocks.”

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Elser believes the win has done more harm to Meghan’s reputation due to the misleading of the court and details of how her letter was reportedly orchestrated with help from Knauf.

Details during the appeal hearing revealed conversations between Meghan and Knauf overusing words such as “Daddy” to “pull at the heartstrings”.

Shed added: “The end result of all this is that today, there is much more on the public record, potentially reputation-denting stuff at that, than there would have been otherwise.

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“More importantly, her credibility has taken a serious hit.

“Keep in mind here, all of this comes at a time when trust in the say-so of the Sussexes is likely to be an increasingly furious topic of debate.”

Following her win, Meghan released a statement saying: “This is a victory not just for me, but for anyone who has ever felt scared to stand up for what's right.”

The Daily Star has approached Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex and Buckingham Palace for comment.

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