Raoul Moat's daughter says new ITV drama will 'bring the horror back'

Raoul Moat’s daughter says new ITV drama about crazed gun killer will ‘bring the horror back’ as she tells of her shame that the ‘monster’ was her father

  • Crazed gun killer Raoul Moat shot three people in the hunt for police officers
  • His daughter said the manhunt against her father led to her being ‘badly bullied’

The daughter of Raoul Moat believes that the new ITV drama about the crazed gun killer will ‘bring the horror back’ as she reveals her shame that he was her father. 

Kateleine Fitzpatrick, 24, whose ‘police-hunting’ and murderer father Moat, is the subject of a new ITV drama re-enacting his life, has explained her trauma and her fear of being haunted by the dark memory of him. 

The ITV three-parter about one of the most infamous man-hunts in UK history means Ms Fitzpatrick will relive the horror of summer 2010, in which Moat shot three people in the hunt for police officers.

Ms Fitzpatrick has said that the manhunt against her father led to her being ‘so badly bullied’ that she is too scared to send her own children to school. 

In an interview with The Sun, prior to next Sunday’s airing of The Hunt For Raoul Moat, she explained how she is ashamed to have to call Moat her father. 

She said: ‘This TV series is going to bring the horror back.

Raoul Moat’s daughter, 21, breaks her 10-year silence on evil monster dad

Caroline Fitzpatrick with daughter Katelaine Fitzpatrick, 16, who was fathered by Raoul Moat

‘For many it will just be a crime drama on telly, but for me and his victims, and the family of his victims, this is our life.

‘He was a monster. He ruined so many lives and I don’t think it will ever stop affecting my life.’ 

Following his release from an 18-week jail sentence for assault in July 2010, Moat arrived at ex-girlfriend Samantha Stobbart’s mum’s house with a sawn-off shotgun, mistakenly thinking his ex was dating a police officer.

He killed her new boyfriend, karate instructor Chris Brown, outside before firing at, and inuring, Samantha through a window of the house in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear.

Raoul Moat, who shot dead Chris Brown, 29, who was in a relationship with Moat’s ex-girlfriend, Samantha Stobbart

Ex-bouncer Moat then boasted he was ‘hunting’ police officers, phoning to say: ‘I will keep killing police until I am dead. They’ve hunted me for years, now it’s my turn.’ 

Within 24 hours he had shot PC David Rathband at point-blank range in the face, blinding him.

The officer took his own life in February 2012, aged 44, because he could not cope with his disability.

It took a week for Moat to be cornered, in Rothbury, Northumberland, when he turned his shotgun on himself.

The Hunt For Raoul Moat, starring actor Matt Stokoe as the killer, is set to be a TV ratings winner.

Katelaine, whose mum Caroline Fitzpatrick, a counsellor, escaped from Moat after years of abuse when their daughter was small, will be one of the viewers.

She said: ‘My mum left my dad before I could remember but I knew who he was.

‘I was 11 when he did what he did and we were taken to a safe house in case he tried to kill us too.

‘We watched it on the TV, it didn’t feel real that it was my dad on the TV.

‘When he killed himself we hugged each other. I didn’t hate him then, I didn’t want him to be dead. But it was over, a relief.’

Images of notorious gunman Raoul Moat, who died in 2010 following a shooting spree in which he killed Chris Brown

She added: ‘I was bullied constantly because I look like him. I have his light skin and blue eyes and physically we are very similar.

‘Kids would yell, ‘Moaty!’ at me in the street and try to provoke me to fight back, as though pushing me to be like him.

‘I was picked on the whole time. I was very shy and to begin with I ignored it, but I ended up fighting to defend myself.’

At her dad’s inquest it was revealed he suffered from bipolar disorder.

He was brought up by his grandmother because his mum had the same condition.

The Hunt for Raoul Moat will air on three consecutive nights on ITV1, starting at 9pm next Sunday.

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