Bank Holiday Funday! Crowds of revellers hit the town on Sunday evening as Freshers Week begins for students – who make the most of the extra day off

  • Revellers and students made the most of today’s unexpected bank holiday hitting the town across the UK 
  • Bank holiday was announced by King Charles III nine days ago to allow the nation to mourn Queen Elizabeth II
  • Freshers Week is underway at many universities with partygoers gathering for events on Sunday night   
  • Newcomers in Leeds and Newcastle enjoyed some of their first nights’ out as students at Freshers events 
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Students have been making the most of the unexpected bank holiday as Freshers Week gets underway in towns and cities across the UK.

Freshers enjoyed an unusually wild Sunday night ahead of a national holiday today and cancelled lectures at some universities.

The bank holiday was announced by King Charles III just nine days ago to allow the nation to mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth II, whose funeral is being held today.

Crowds of revellers gathered in Leeds and Newcastle to enjoy some of their first nights out at uni.

The hoards of newcomers partied hard and struck poses for the cameras on the streets of both cities.

Dolled-up revellers posed for the cameras in Leeds as Freshers Week got underway in the city

Groups of mates hug and smile for the cameras on a night out together as the new university term gets underway

One reveller sips booze from a plastic bottle as she takes part in a Freshers event

Smiling for the camera: The student donned sunglasses as she enjoyed a night out in Leeds

Crowds of revellers out in Newcastle city centre last night. A group of lads poses for the cameras during their night out

Universities hosted wild welcome parties for the incoming students, who refused to hold back on their first night out with new house and course mates.

Leeds has six universities, including the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University.

Leeds Beckett Uni put on a ‘Super Sunday’ event last night which featured ‘some of the UK’s biggest TikTok stars’.

It was headlined by DJ Majestic, whose remix of Boney M’s Rasputin brought the 1979 track back into the charts this year.

A pair of partygoers share a laugh as they go between venues in Leeds last night

Crowds of wild partygoers gathered in Newcastle last night ahead of today’s bank holiday

A big group of friends clearly enjoying their night out smile and pose for the cameras in Leeds

There is more fun in store for freshers throughout the week, with Pryzm and other city centre clubs hosting more big nights, with many buying whole-week passes. 

Voodoo events, which sells a wristband offering week-long access to Freshers events, promises revellers ‘the best week of your life’ with 5,000 other students. 

Stewards and paramedics were on hand in town and city centres to help students who were in need of assistance last night.

Freshers Week events kicked off at many universities this past weekend, with more expected over the coming days.

Groups of students looked thrilled to be out and enjoying the recently-announced bank holiday

Stewards and paramedics were on hand to help students who were in need of assistance

Some revellers touched up their makeup while they waited in long nightclub queues

Students looked thrilled to be out, with many donning their best outfits as they hit the town.

Some kicked off their heels after a long night on the dancefloor, while others chose more practical footwear.

Newcastle and Northumbria freshers wore white t-shirts to distinguish themselves from the crowds.

Revellers in Newcastle took part in a 9-hour long bar crawl starting a popular club, Digital Nightclub.

The event’s organiser, Loosecrawl, aniticpated 10,000 freshers taking part this week. 

Glammed up partygoers braved the plummeting temperatures in Leeds last night

A woman supports her friend as they share a laugh walking through the street in Leeds last night

It promised Freshers ‘one night you’ll never forget’, which appeared true for many out on Newcastle’s streets last night. 

Despite the Autumnal feel in the weather overnight, partygoers braved the plummeting temperatures, with few wearing jackets or coats.

Dolled-up revellers posed for the cameras, with some touching up their glamorous looks while they waited in long nightclub queues. 

Later on in the night, some looked a bit worse for wear as they emerged from bars and clubs.

Revellers in Leeds take a break from their big night out as they have a chat in the street

Groups of partygoers gathered in the streets of Newcastle city centre last night as they took part in a bar crawl event

Some of the boozier revellers looked quite unwell as they looked for respite from the busy clubs after a long night.

Partygoers who are not at university also took advantage of the day off work that people around the UK are being given today by going out to pubs, bars and clubs. 

There will certainly be some sore heads this morning, with some pictured drinking out of plastic bottles as they wandered to and from their nightclub of choice.

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