RTA kitchen cabinets can make the new kitchen furniture installation process easy, simple and free of tons of waste. These are ready-to-assemble furniture: you can assemble them without attendance. Everything you need is just a screwdriver. Find the guidelines on the manufacturer’s official website.

Functional and stylish RTA kitchen cabinets are manufactured by Luxod LLC. Please visit luxodfurniture.com for details.

RTA Furniture Features

  • Individual measurements.

Kitchen cabinets are produced based on individual measurements. Herewith, the user is free to choose the kitchen configuration. For example, L-shaped ensembles fit for small kitchen rooms, while for long and narrow rooms it is better to use linear options. Island kitchens and U-shaped furniture sets look stylish in a spacy kitchen room.

  • High Quality Materials.

RTA cabinets are made of natural wood. This material is notable for its long service, durability and reliability. Moreover, it attracts with its unique texture and natural array. Wooden furniture looks monumental, and naturally supplements any modern interior design.

Responsible manufacturers work with FSC certified timber.

  • Reliable Fittings.

Fitting stands for usability and functionality of cabinets. For instance, finishers ensure convenient and quiet door closing. A special draw slide system enables the smooth movement of drawers, while adjustable legs are provided for reliable and safe placement of furniture items even on an uneven surface.

  • Deliberate Arrangement.

Furniture ensembles provide for open shelves, compartments in islands, drawers, sections of various dimensions. This enables to store anything – from food to kitchenware, textile, and kitchen appliances.

  • Modern Design.

Kitchen cabinets are designed in two styles, Euro-style and Shaker. Both styles are inspired by minimalism with discreet design, maximum usability, and rejection of any extravagant décor.

Shaker style is characterised by high key colours – light grey, white, milky, beige shades. In order to vivify the space, designers use the contrast principle, e. g. recommend mixing high-key wall cabinets and low-key base cabinets.

In Euro-style, the current trends are clearly demonstrated, e. g. large metal accessories or glass slides (high tech). Like shaker, it tends towards natural shades, however, dark shades such as blue grey, bottle-green, and black are also actively used together with high key colours. The feature of the style is the height of cabinets: they almost reach the ceiling. This allows to increase storage space and visually extends the room.

You can place an order online on the website or by calling (850) 260-0805. You can seek advice from Luxod LLC’s specialists if you need and ask the questions that interest you – just text to our chat. The company offers a free furniture design concept and fast delivery.