Russia 'shoots down 2 drones over Moscow' hours after 'strike' on Putin's stealth bomber plant left 1 dead & 60 injured | The Sun

RUSSIA claims to have shot down two drones over Moscow just hours after a deadly explosion at Putin's reported stealth bomber plant.

The capital has been enveloped by chaos in the last 24 hours as aerial assaults wreaked havoc on the warlord's own soil.

Russia's Defence Ministry blamed Ukraine for the strikes and branded the latest incident a "terrorist attack."

Air defences destroyed the drones and no damage or casualties were reported, officials said.

It is the 12th time in the last three weeks that Moscow has claimed to have paralysed aerial assaults on the capital.

Ukraine seems to be pushing the conflict to Vladimir Putin's doorstep as the nation tries to reclaim seized territory in its counter-offensive.


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The Russian President was already reeling after an earlier alleged drone attack on a tech plant where his stealth bombers are stashed.

At least one person was killed in the explosion at the Zagorski plant that sent flames and smoke billowing hundreds of feet into the sky.

Natalia Nikitina, 45, died in hospital after suffering horrific burns, while at least another 60 were injured.

A massive mushroom cloud erupted over Moscow following the blast, while people were left trapped under the rubble.

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Witnesses reported a "whistle, flash and a roar" as the explosion rocked the factory in the Moscow region.

Early reports that pinned the blast on a drone attack were later denied by Russian officials – but people in the area reported seeing something flying towards the building.

However, local officials instead blamed the explosion on an industrial accident at the plant.

The plant – used to make optics for missiles, jets, night vision goggles and rifle scopes – has been left "in ruins".

The prognosis is set to be another kick in the teeth for Putin, as it is said to have been the base for his prized aircraft.

The plant is closely involved in the development of Russia’s new generation stealth bomber, independent media outlet Agentstvo reported.

The nation's government public procurement website indicates the firm supplies optics to Putin's security forces.

It seems that the company have been participating in the development of the tyrant's strategic missile-carrying bomber, a project known as Messenger, since 2019.

The report said: "State contracts of the plant ceased to be published almost immediately after the start of the war – from March 2022.

"But the contracts concluded earlier are still available. 

"Among them – ‘implementation of an integral part of the development work on the topic code: Messenger-1OEP / L'.

"The term of the contract is 2027, the cost of the work is 69 million roubles” – £560,000 at current prices after a collapse in the value of Russian currency caused by Putin's war."

It is understood that the explosion at the plant occurred in a warehouse containing pyrotechnic equipment.

Windows were blown out from nearby houses and an evacuation was issued as the 17,000-square-foot site continued to burn.

Another local report said the whole town was ordered to evacuate.

Baza media said that state investigators were examining “sabotage” as a possible cause of the giant blast. 

The plant itself is one of the main developers and manufacturers of a wide range of observation devices, medical equipment for diagnosing and treating diseases of eye tissues and vessels, fluorographs and X-ray image intensifiers, as well as various photometric devices.

The main plant produces night sights for Russian tanks and other hi-tech military items.

But explosives were on part of the territory leased to PiroRos company, which also had dealings with the defence Ministry.

It is a leading enterprise for the development and serial production of binoculars and monoculars, and is believed to have links to the defence ministry in Russia.

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However, the regional governor has insisted the plant has not been in operation "for some time".

Sabotage attacks along with mysterious explosions and fires have been reported across Russia since Vladimir Putin's vile invasion of Ukraine last February.

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