Putin’s latest atrocity leaves at least 12 people including a child dead as three Russian missiles hit office block in Ukrainian city

  • At least 12 dead, including a child, after Russian strike on city of Vinnytsya 
  • Three rockets hit office block and nearby residential buildings, local officials say 
  • Footage shows baby’s pram lying among wreckage as wounded are taken away 
  • President Zelensky called Russia ‘a terrorist country’ after latest civilian attack 

At least 12 people – including a child – are dead after Russian rockets hit another Ukrainian city in Putin’s latest atrocity against civilians.

Three missiles slammed into an office block and nearby residential buildings in the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsya early Thursday, local officials said.

Videos show fires burning in a car park near the building with an empty baby’s pram lying in the street as medics load the wounded into ambulances.

Three Russian missiles hit an office block in the centre of Vinnytsya today, a Ukrainian city hundreds of miles from the current frontlines

Civilians – including a child – are among those killed in the Russian strike, which is the latest to hit residential areas

Firemen hep to extinguish vehicles blown up when Russian missiles struck the city of Vinnytsya, in the west of Ukraine, on Thursday

The badly-damaged remains of an office building in the centre of Vinnytsya are pictured after it was hit by Russian missiles early Thursday

President Zelensky branded Russia ‘a terrorist country’ as he condemned the attack, which comes off the back of repeated strikes on civilian areas across the country.

‘Vinnytsya. Rocket strikes in the city centre. There are wounded and dead, among them a small child,’ he wrote on Instagram.

‘Every day, Russia destroys the civilian population, kills Ukrainian children, directs rockets at civilian objects where there is nothing military.

‘What is this, if not an open act of terrorism? Inhumans. A killer country. A terrorist country.’ 

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The Vinnytsya strike is just the latest in a series of Russian bombings of civilian areas of Ukraine, that have left scores of people dead

Firefighters walk among the ruins of burned-out cars after Russia missile hit a Ukrainian office block in the city of Vinnytsya

Burned-out vehicles and debris from a nearby office building litter the streets in the centre of Vinnytsya after it was hit by Russian missiles

Ukrainian President Zelensky said Vinnytsya contains no military targets as he condemned Russian troops as ‘inhumane’ and ‘terrorists’

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