RUSSIAN state TV used footage of a US military plane landing in Alaska and a tank being unloaded in Bulgaria to falsely imply NATO was delivering arms to rival Ukraine, it is claimed. 

With tensions reaching boiling point over the build up of Russian troops close to the Ukrainian border, the “fake” clips were shown to millions of viewers during one of the country's flagship shows. 

The "misleading" footage emerged just days after the Kremlin insisted it was NATO, not Moscow, that is carrying out threatening military action across Europe.

The clips at the centre of the "fake news" claims featured a C-17 military transport plane landing on an airstrip and a serviceman unloading an unidentifiable aircraft, revealed BBC Monitoring.

A voiceover on TV channel Rossiya 1’s Vesti Nedeli programme, hosted by pro-Vladimir Putin presenter Dmitry Kiselyov, said: "Never before has there been so much of the alliance's military equipment on Ukrainian soil. 

“These are transport aircraft of the US Air Forcebeing unloaded in Kyiv and Lviv.”

In English, the screen showed the words: "Breaking News – Amidst Ukraine-Russian Tensions, US delivers massive military hardware to Ukraine.”

Far from being in Ukraine, the C-17 landing was a clip from the US Defence Department filmed at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska, said BBC Monitoring, who first exposed the news report. 

“In the US version, mountains can be seen faintly in the background of the aircraft, but in the Russian version, they are not visible at all,” it said.

And the unloading shows the US Abrams in Burgas, Bulgaria, where it took part in a joint exercise called Operation Speed and Power in 2015, it is claimed.

“Vesti Nedeli sourced the video it used from a YouTubechannel called U.S. Military News, which was created in April 2018, but which, judging from the videos on the channel, only started posting content six months ago,” stated BBC Monitoring. 

“It is linked to the Twitteraccount of what appears to be an Indonesian user, which ceased tweeting in November 2018. 

“The Twitteraccount does not appear to show any interest in military matters”

Most videos on the channel highlight alleged  rising military tensions especially  between the US and Russia and China.

“The same edition of Vesti Nedeli also used what appeared to be a made-up quote from a 19th century British prime minister to accuse the UK of harbouring aggressive intentions towards Russia,” said BBC Monitoring. 


It earlier alleged Ukraine would require forced “deNazification” and branded its ex-comedian president Volodymyr Zelensky  "commander-in-chief comic”.

A studio caption chillingly warned Ukraine was now “one step away from war”.

Earlier we reported how Russian tanks painted with “invasion stripes" were gathering on Ukraine’s border as Putin is reportedly set to deploy 30,000 more troops.

A local in the Russian Astrakhan region, 350 miles from the border, filmed the BTR 80 armoured vehicles with white crosses painted on them.

The tanks were reportedly spotted yesterday heading in a convoy to the railway station.

Military experts have warned that similar white markings were used by the Soviet Army during the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia. The stripes help identify vehicles to friendly forces.

Russia will soon have a staggering assault force of more than 100,000 troops along with tanks and other armoured vehicles amassed at Ukraine’s border, reports the Mail Online.

This comes after a leaked Ukrainian government report suggests another 30,000 troops may be on their way supporting the 80,000 already waiting to advance.

However, Russia says it is NATO, not Moscow, that is carrying out threatening military action in Europe.

Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Tuesday its force manoeuvres were part of legitimate drills to test combat readiness.

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