Russia’s feared Wagner mercenaries ‘operating in Caribbean’, leaks suggest

Russian mercenaries with a reputation for extreme brutality and ruthlessness are said to be operating in the Caribbean.

A huge leak of Pentagon documents has revealed the feared Wagner Group, currently waging a vicious war in Ukraine, has offered to support Haiti's government take on violent gangs.

It's thought members of the private military, led by Yevgeny Prigozhin, formerly close confidant of Russia's President Putin, are already in at least half a dozen African countries after also springing up in Turkey and Syria.

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The papers which have surfaced online also seem to suggest there has been a depletion in their capabilites.

Candace Rondeaux, an expert on Wagner at US think tank New America, told the New York Times: "This is a very interesting sign that there's a degrading of their capabilities. Going further afield certainly suggests US and European sanctions are starting to have an impact on degrading the pipeline."

US officials said they might never track the original source of the leak as scores of government workers have the clearance needed to access the documents.

Last month, we reported sources close to Prigozhin had "admitted the Wagner Group boss will be refocusing on efforts in Africa" following dismal failures in Ukraine.

Sources told Bloomberg Wagner troops deployed near the devastated Ukrainian city of Bakhmut were struggling to make any headway.

But before that, it had been feared the group's efforts had prompted nervousness from the Russian premier.

Prigozhin was said to have been cut off from communicating with officials in the country as Putin was worried about his influence.

Russia expert Olga Lautman said Prigozhin had "become more public" and taken on a "populist role".

She added the mercenary boss seemed to be plotting a “power grab”, with elections in Russia around the corner.

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