SCOTS Tory boss Ruth Davidson claimed knocking out the SNP's Westminster leader from his Moray seat would be Scotland's "Ed Balls moment".

It came as Ms Davidson declared her party was in a "titanic battle" to oust Angus Robertson from his North East seat with the party's chances of defeating him "close to 50 per cent".

The former shadow Chancellor – who has now moved on to become a Strictly star – was one of the biggest Labour scalps to fall in the General Election two years ago.

Now the resurgent Scottish Tories believe they have the momentum do the same thing again in Angus Robertson’s Moray seat – held by the SNP for 30 years .

Ms Davidson declared today: "Should Angus Robertson’s seat fall, it’s a real Ed Balls moment for Scotland.”

She branded her candidate Douglas Ross as “one of the best campaigners in Scotland.”

The former councillor is also an international football referee – and Ms Davidson thinks he can blow the whistle on the SNP's reign.



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She said: “I think our chances are pretty good. Close to 50 per cent. It’s a very pro-Union part of the country and the most pro-Brexit area of Scotland.

“And people are angry. They are really angry that Nicola Sturgeon and Angus Robertson have hi-jacked their remain vote to be a proxy vote for independence. People are angry."

When questioned whether she feared losing her deputy from Westminster, Nicola Sturgeon said: “Absolutely not. Angus is not only a really strong local MP in Moray, he has been the only effective leader of the Opposition at Westminster.”

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