Sainsbury's orders shopkeeper remove 'Singhbury's' sign as it 'looks too much like theirs'

A SHOPKEEPER removed the sign outside his shop because it looked too much like Sainsbury's, he has claimed.

Inderjit Singh Nagpal, co-owner of Singhbury's Local in Aylesbury, put up their sign last year in a distinctive orange.

He argues the reason he named the store so is due to his middle name "Singh" and "bury" refers to Aylesbury, with the colour orange important to Sikhs.

The sign was put up last year over the shop, but removed in October.

Mr Nagpal said it had been taken down due to water damage but now admits it is because Sainsbury's got in touch about the signage.

He said he would be prepared to change the colour of the sign, but not the name, and hoped his legal representatives and Sainsbury's would come to a decision.



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A spokeswoman for the supermarket told the BBC: "There were no legal proceedings around this but we did contact the owners after customers raised their concerns with us."

At the end of last year the popular supermarket chain caused uproar by changing the rules on what can be included in the £3 meal deal.

The supermarket has decided to rebrand its lunchtime meal selection as ‘On The Go’, and has axed its premium Taste The Difference range from the money-saving offer.

It was reported in October that Sainsbury’s would accelerate the roll-out of Argos stores within its supermarkets, with boss Mike Coupe saying that nearly every outlet in the country will either have a concession or a click and collect point.

The move was part of integration plans between the two retailers following the grocery giant’s £1.4 billion takeover of Argos owner the Home Retail Group.

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