A RUSSIAN schoolgirl who claimed she gave birth to a 10-year-old boy's baby is now facing a police investigation over her second underage pregnancy.

Darya Sudnishnikova, aged 13 when she conceived her daughter, is expecting again, – this time by her 17-year-old "boyfriend".

Soon after opening a shocking social media poll on whether she should abort the baby, she announced to her 650,000 followers that she was keeping it. 

But Darya, now 15, and her boyfriend are to be quizzed by the Investigative Committee of Russia, which probes serious crimes, over underage pregnancy. 

“The girl met with a 17-year-old resident of Samara region, as a result of which she became pregnant,” said a statement from the committee. 

“In July 2021, the minor went to a medical institution, where during an examination she was diagnosed as pregnant.”

The age of consent in Russia is 16.

The committee will decide on any action after interrogating the girl, now on a trip to Moscow, and her boyfriend.

She reacted to the investigation by posting: “Damn”, saying she would again be the “news of my town”, Zheleznogorsk, a nuclear industry town in Siberia closed to outsiders. 

When she initially found out she was pregnant for the second time, she was pictured in tears. 

The probe is the latest twist for a schoolgirl who shot to fame by claiming on nationwide TV that her first pregnancy at 13 was by her then-boyfriend Ivan, or Vanya, who was only ten. 

The pair stuck to the story in media interviews despite experts saying it was medically impossible.

Later she told police that in fact, she became pregnant after she was raped by a boy, 15, on a stairwell, but had been too ashamed to admit it.

A criminal investigation is reportedly ongoing but meanwhile, she insisted on keeping the child, Emilia, or Milya, now 11-months-old.

Darya has turned her fame into a successful social media business, boasting of earnings 12 times the average adult monthly salary in her region, Krasnoyarsk, from online advertising and promotions.

On her decision not to abort the baby, she said: "When I give birth, Milya will be already two years old, so it will not be so difficult to cope with her. 

“I will sometimes leave her with her grandmother (my mother). 

“I will be 16, I can buy my own apartment – I already have money for it.

“[The dad] said he will also help with the child. 

“He will already be 18, and have his own apartment.”

She told her subscribers she would “handle it” with the new baby, and urged them to “respect my decision”.

In earlier postings, Darya explained that she became pregnant after her contraceptive pills failed. 

She also attacked followers who said she was too young to be in sexual relationships after she admitted she has had three partners.

“If a person is ready for sexual intercourse and fully trusts his or her partner, it is all right.

"Why do you need to wait until your 18th birthday?”

Told she was wrong to have sex without a condom, she hit back: “You should ask [the dad] why he did not use condoms? Not me.”

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