Sea World crash victim grabs dad's hand after being on life support

Miracle as Sea World crash victim, 10, wakes from his coma and grabs his dad’s hand as doctors take him off life support

  • Sea World crash victim Nicholas Tadros, 10, is in recovery
  • The boy was inside the helicopter than crashed on Jan 2
  • He grabbed his father’s hand after coming off life support 

One of the youngest victims of the horrific Sea World helicopter crash has miraculously woken from his coma and grabbed his dad’s hand.

Nicholas Tadros, 10, has been fighting for his life in hospital since January 2 when two Sea World helicopters collided mid-air on the Gold Coast.

It resulted in the deaths of Nicholas’s mother, Vanessa, 36, along with British newlyweds, Ron and Diane Hughes, 65 and 57, and pilot, Ash Jenkinson, 40.

Nicholas was rushed to Gold Coast University Hospital and has been on life support. 

Sea World crash victim Nicholas Tadros (centre), 10, has held his father’s hand in a major sign of his miraculous recovery after being on life support (pictured, Nicholas’s dad Simon and mother Vanessa, who tragically died in the crash)

He went through six hours of surgery last Tuesday to fix the broken bones in his legs and left hand after he was transferred to Queensland Children’s Hospital. 

Nicholas’s father, Simon Tadros, revealed in a Facebook post that his son had been taken off life support a ‘few days ago’. 

‘Nicky has been off life support now for a few days and his body has responded very well, still on the ventilator machine to support his breathing,’ he wrote. 

‘They have lowered his sedation medicine at times to see if he is responsive and he has woken up and able to respond to some questions with a nod or shake of the head.’

Simon said that Nicholas was ‘also able to hold my hand’.

He has still been unable to move his legs, with hospital staff informing Simon that that was possible due to the state of the bones in his son’s legs. 

Nicholas went through six hours of surgery last Tuesday to fix the broken bones in his legs and left hand after he was transferred to Queensland Children’s Hospital

‘Due to the pain and distress and anxiety levels they have had to sedate him again for now,’ Simon continued. 

He explained that Nicholas still had a ‘couple of surgeries next week’ including ‘one on Tuesday and a major operation on his Right ankle on Friday’.

He concluded his update by thanking those who have expressed their support or love or have prayed for his son.  

Please continue to pray for Nicholas, he has a long hard road ahead of him,’ Simon added. 

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