EXCLUSIVE: Welcome to Snailbrook! First look at Elon Musk’s Texas utopian town where SpaceX and Boring employees will live and work

  • Musk’s community has room for 110 houses, two warehouses, a pool, sports court and putting green 
  • It sits around 35 miles outside Austin and will allow his employees to live and work in one place
  • Musk has however promised to return Tesla to California, after reaching a deal with Governor Gavin Newsom 

DailyMail.com can share the first glimpse of Snailbrook, the Texas utopia that Elon Musk is creating for his SpaceX and Boring employees. 

The town is taking shape on the outskirts of Austin, where Musk is also building factories for SpaceX and Boring, after pulling out of California. 

Photos obtained by DailyMail.com show a completed sports court, and outdoor gym. 

There are small houses where staff from the companies will be able to live for $800-a-month – well below the soaring local market rates. 

Welcome to Snailbrook! DailyMail.com can share the first look at Snailbrook, Elon Musk’s Texan utopia for the workers of Space X and Boring. The town has housing for families, a recreational sports center and factories where they will work 

Snailbrook was last week described as nothing more than an idea of Musk’s. These images show it is very much on its way to becoming a fully-fledged community for Musk’s staff

Snailbrook sits in the middle of green pastures on the outskirts of Austin, which has fast become one of the most desirable places to live in the US 

The vast Boring site in Snailbrook where Musk’s workers will work develop tunneling systems. Snailbrook is inspired by his desire for them to build tunnels that will burrow faster than snails 

It was revealed last week that top brass at Boring Co., Musk’s tunneling operation, had discussed how to incorporate their own town in Bastrop County. 

Not only could Musk provide cheap housing for his employees, but it would allow the magnate to set regulations and help grease the wheels for his ambitious building projects.

His Austin area employees, which include staff at Boring, electric-car maker Tesla and his space exploration firm, SpaceX, would ideally all live in the brand new homes nestled in thousands of acres of farmland beside the Colorado River.

Musk, his ex-girlfriend Grimes, Kanye West and the rapper’s architect held multiple discussions over the last year about the design of the town, sources told The Wall Street Journal.

Settling in: Musk, shown in April last year, ditched California for Texas for good, withdrawing millions of dollars from the state 

There are multiple three-bedroom properties in Snailbrook, which Musk plans to rent to his staff for $800-a-month, a highly competitive rate for the area 

The Boring Company is Musk’s tunneling business which he aims to use to develop transport networks beneath American cities

Another gargantuan HQ at Snailbrook is expected to be used for SpaceX. Musk has consulted his ex-girlfriend and Kanye West – whose own plans for communities failed – about his project

Signs hanging around the community date the town as being founded in 2021. Musk ditched California for Texas in the same year in a protest over taxes and labor costs 

Bastrop County has not yet received any application by Musk to incorporate the town. This would require at least 201 residents and approval from a county judge.

Musk opened his new Tesla factory dubbed Giga Texas in April last year. The sprawling plant spread across 2,500 acres of Travis County outside Austin is billed as the manufacturing hub for the Model Y and the future home of the Cybertruck.

In neighboring Bastrop County, his tunneling firm Boring is building a new warehouse, while SpaceX is building a 12-acre facility. The proposed Snailbrook ‘utopia’ for his employees is just a half-mile up the road.

Snailbrook takes its name from Boring’s mascot, a snail named Gary – a reference to the SpongeBob cartoon character of the same name.

Photos uploaded to Facebook by locals show signs hanging which say, ‘Welcome. Snailbrook, TX, est. 2021.’

The site already includes a number of trailer homes, a pool, an outdoor recreation area and a gym.

Children’s slides and trampolines in the back yards of some of the houses, which share covered parking. The community is surrounded by wire fencing 

An aerial view of the Boring Company HQ site in Snailbrook. Musk moved the company to Texas last year after raising $675million in funding 

The community pool and sports court in Snailbrook, where residents and their families can relax. There is also a small putting green and play area 

He’s watching! Surveillance cameras are dotted along the wire fences, adorned with fake leaves, in the rural community 

Musk is said to have planned to put 110 homes on the site, with warehouses or factories for two of his companies 

While Musk is laying down some roots in Texas, he has agreed to move Tesla HQ back to California. 

Musk, 51, moved Tesla down to Austin, Texas in the fall of 2021 over tax breaks, the cheaper cost of labor, and a battle between himself and local health officials. 

Questions remain as to how Governor Gavin Newsom was able lure the car manufacturer back to California, a state he has been vocally critical of since he left. 

He has called it a haven of overregulation, over taxation and accused the state’s leadership of complacency.

During a press conference alongside Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom, the pair announced that Tesla would return to California, sparking suspicion of generous tax cuts 

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