See the wild moment a cop tries to subdue a crocodile with wet towel

Wild moment cops use a wet towel to try and subdue a VERY angry crocodile strolling through a suburban street – but fail miserably

  • A crocodile has caused a ruckus in a small town 
  • It took several hours to subdue the stray croc 
  • Believed to have arrived in town in recent floods 

A massive freshwater crocodile strolling through a recently flooded town has caused commotion as locals and police tried and failed to subdue it.

The three-metre crocodile was spotted by a local resident on a path in Fitzroy Crossing, in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia, at around 2am on Thursday.

Local residents, police officers, shire rangers and local Aboriginal rangers rushed to the scene to try and wrangle the reptile with anything they could get their hands on – with numerous attempts failing miserably.

A cop was filmed trying to calm the crocodile down with a wet towel – to no avail – while another tried to grab it with a pole and wire loop. 

The crocodile made light work of the metal pole, freeing itself from the trap in one swift thrashing.    

A three-metre freshwater crocodile (pictured) has caused commotion in the recently flooded Fitzroy Crossing in the early hours on Thursday

‘When the crocodile started thrashing around my two kids sprinted away and then came back laughing,’ local Jasmine Bedford told the ABC.

‘We were YouTubing “how to catch a crocodile” because we weren’t sure what to do.’

Ms Bedford said everyone in the remote community was stunned – especially because the reptile was a freshwater crocodile, which are typically more subdued than their saltwater relatives.

‘I was excited and surprised. It was a freshwater crocodile but it was massive,’ Ms Bedford said. 

‘There was lots of jumps and scares, because he would catch you unawares and come out with a hiss or a growl, it was so funny.’ 

Locals were amused by the stray crocodile with many in the town spending the night awake to try and catch a glimpse of the huge croc.

The crocodile was eventually shot with a tranquiliser by a local wildlife volunteer after all other attempts to catch it failed.

The crocodile had bitten and torn another piece of dog-catching equipment before falling unconscious. 

It took several hours to finally subdue the croc as officers and rangers used anything they had on hand, including a wet towel (pictured) and dog catching equipment

‘In the end it was all pretty entertaining, especially now that we know the crocodile was safely returned home,’ Ms Bedford said.

It was then safely released back into a local waterway.

Another freshwater crocodile, estimated to be about 1.5m long, was found later that day in brush just around the corner from where the initial incident occurred.

The crocodiles are believed to have found their way into the town by recent floods that ravaged Fitzroy Crossing just three weeks ago.

Floodwaters surged to a record 15.81 metres on January 4, destroying 30 houses, damaging the Fitzroy River Bridge and requiring hundreds of residents to evacuate from the area.

The croc is believed to have been brought to town by recent the flooding of the Fitzroy River (pictured) that peaked at a record-breaking 15.8 metres on January 4

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