Shock moment Capitol rioter 'battered cop with HOCKEY STICK as officer lay on ground'

THIS is the shocking moment a Capitol rioter battered a cop with a hockey stick as the police officer lay on the ground in Washington, DC.

Footage of the violent incident shows supporters of Donald Trump outside the Capitol Building on January 6.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed on Thursday a man named Michael Foy, of Wixom, Michigan, was arrested and charged for the hockey stick incident.

The Michigan man was accused of attacking Capitol Police officers with a hockey stick – which was captured on video.

The man in the video, believed to be Foy, is seen "aggressively swinging" a hockey stick towards a man on the ground.

The FBI first obtained a tip through Twitter, about "the man that killed the police officer" by "hitting him with a hockey stick," a court filing explains. The police officer was not actually killed.

According to a Statement of Facts document, released by the Department of Justice: "On or about January 16, 2021, the FBI identified a video from an online New York Times article.

"Specifically, the video shows a large crowd of individuals gathered around an entrance to the U.S. Capitol.

"It further shows the man with the hockey stick lifting the stick above his head and swinging it down rapidly, striking an individual on the ground several times.

"At no point does it appear that the individual on the ground is acting aggressively, nor does it appear that the attack in justified."

It was not confirmed in the FBI document whether the victim getting hit was a police officer.

In the video clip of the attack, the man believed to be Foy is seen holding a hockey stick with an American flag wrapped around it – and using it to hit a man in an archway.

In another video – which was shared to YouTube and titled "I can't breathe (on the steps)/The Storm Arrived Pt 9," a different angle of the attack is seen.

Dozens of Trump supporters are heard chanting "I can't breath" at the start of the video.

In this footage, the man believed to be Foy, is seen "striking a group of Metropolitan Police Officers for about 16 seconds" before getting knocked down by another rioter.

When he stood back up, he was holding the hockey stick and continued to be violent.

Foy was arrested in the Eastern District of Michigan on Thursday and charged with: Knowingly enter or remain in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority; obstruction of law enforcement; and aiding and abetting.

He was also hit with other charges, including: Forcibly assault, resist, oppose, impede, intimidate, or interfere with any officer of the United States; and obstruct, influence, or impede any official proceeding of Congress.

Foy's arrest comes two days after a former army captain was busted in Florida for storming the US Capitol on January 6.

Gabriel Augustin Garcia – a member of the Proud Boys and a Trump fan -was arrested on Tuesday, January 19.

An FBI document alleged Garcia uploaded a few incriminating videos to Facebook during the Capitol riot.

According to the report, Garcia is heard saying in one video: "We just went ahead and stormed the Capitol."

Meanwhile, another Capitol rioter was seen on video repeatedly striking cops with a metal baseball bat.

Emanuel Jackson has been arrested on suspicion of being part of the violent siege which left several people dead.

A leader of the Proud Boys, 38-year-old Joseph Randall Biggs, was also arrested and charged for storming the U.S. Capitol with a pro-Trump mob.

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