Shocking moment e-scooter rider is sent flying after being hit by car door opening suddenly – but who is in the right?

THIS is the shocking moment an e-scooter rider was sent flying after being hit by a car door as it opened suddenly.

Footage shows YouTuber Ross Fonteyn riding up to a black Ford Fiesta parked in Streatham, London.

Without warning, the car door flings open – right into the path of Ross’s scoot.

The YouTuber flies through the air, coming off his wheels and landing on the other side of the road.

He can then be seen wincing in pain as he limps towards the kerb and slumps down.

The video was filmed back in August but has only just been uploaded onto Ross’s YouTube channel, Underachiever’s Journal.

The woman who opened the door quickly jumped out of her car and helped Ross collect his belongings.

She was also very apologetic and immediately admitted responsibility.

Meanwhile Ross was calm and forgave the woman.

He said: “I was fine, a couple of bruises and scrapes but nothing too bad.”

Drivers are expected to check their path is clear before opening their car door.

However, it is illegal to ride an E-Scooter on the road.

Sales of the machines soared 71 percent during the pandemic and police have seized thousands of them ridden illegally.

They could, however, be allowed for use on the roads ‘within the next 12 months’.

Anyone riding one on the streets currently faces a £300 fine, six points and confiscation of the machine.

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