Shocking moment two women launch into foul-mouthed fight on packed Vegas flight forcing plane into emergency landing | The Sun

THIS is the shocking moment a frenzied, foul-mouthed catfight erupts mid-air – forcing the passenger flight to make an emergency landing.

The two brawling women onboard a Frontier Airlines flight had to be physically restrained by fellow passengers throughout the fracas until they could be escorted off the plane.

Frustrated passengers on the packed flight were forced to watch and jeer at the women as the hectic fight unfolded in the air.

Even after being restrained, both fuming women continued to fight verbally and babble obscenities at one another.

Fellow passengers can be heard shouting "shut up" and "get some class", which only riled up the aggressors more.

One of the women reportedly lashed out and struck a man on the had as she prowled down the aisle.

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After hours of aggravated antics, the plane was forced to divert its course.

The Frontier flight 2134 was headed from Philadelphia to Las Vegas, but nearing its final stretch, it decided to land in Denver instead so the women could be removed.

Airline staff repeatedly tried to diffuse the situation, but the two hostile ladies remained ready and willing for a fight.

"You're gonna go to jail…who are you trying to impress," one passenger can be heard yelling at one of the women.

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Finally, the wrestling woman were then hauled off the flight by authorities as relieved passengers cheered and clapped.

8NewsNow claimed that the woman in the red tank top had fought with a women she had originally been sat close.

The second woman was moved to another seat to quell the drama.

However, the red-topped woman can be seen growing more vexed, flinging her arms madly and swearing, which caused the other woman engage once-again in the argument.

The Las Vegas resident who captured the whole tussle said it began by being "fairly disruptive".

"So passengers began to tell them to shut up because their behaviour was escalating," the woman, who chose to remain anonymous told KLAS.

She claimed that the women seemed to be travelling together before they were moved to different seats to calm the disturbance.

After being separated, she reported that their fight continued to escalate as they screamed at each other across the plane, adding that a male passenger was hit in the process.

Once the combative passengers were removed, the flight took off again and landed only an hour after its scheduled arrival into the City of Lights.

Frontier Airlines have been reached for comment.

It comes as last month chaos broke out on a flight from Malta to Stansted as passengers were forced to separate two brawling men.

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The two Ryanair passengers were in a violent altercation about seats, after one refused to let the other pass through the aisle.

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