Who says you need to cook your favorite fried foods in oil to get that crispy texture you love? Meet the Philips Twin TurboStar Technology XL Airfryer — it’s $75 off right now at Amazon.

Philips Digital Air Fryer XL

Air fryers use much less oil than traditional frying. The machine circulates super hot air around whatever food you’re cooking to create that crispy, crunchy outcome we all adore — but it does so only using a few tablespoons of oil.

To put that into perspective, normal fryers use 50 times more oil than air fryers. Air fryers cook up fries, wings and more with tons of flavor but much less fat content and with fewer harmful compounds than are found in most traditionally fried foods (specifically arcylamide, which studies show could be linked to cancer).

This Philips air fryer offers a roomy 3-quart capacity to help you whip up fries, wings and more with the touch of a button. It fits an entire bag of fries inside! It also uses fat removal technology to capture and remove excess fat.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, the customer reviews on this Phillips fryer might.

“The air fryer has a non-stick surface which is very easy to clean,” says one five-star reviewer. “The basket size is large enough to cook what is needed for a family of six although a second or third batch may be necessary for some things. As long as the food is cooked properly the food comes out crispy on the outside just like an oil fryer. It has become a favorite kitchen appliance to cook with.”

Shoppers are also raving about how easy it is to clean this dishwasher-safe air fryer — a rarity when it comes to fryers.

One thrilled reviewer shared that their favorite part of the Philips Airfryer is how good it is at perfectly cooking up your favorites: “The first thing we tried was the chicken fajita recipe, and it came out perfectly – moist and done but not overdone, and that’s always a trick with chicken breasts – and almost no oil at all. The trick to getting veggies just right is to cut them just a bit thicker than you might normally so that they don’t overcook.”

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

Philips Digital Air Fryer XL

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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