Twin blue line: Sisters who wanted to be police aged NINE finally achieve lifelong dream of becoming coppers as they both join Northamptonshire force aged 18

  • Jodie and Molly Hill, 18, achieved their joint goal of becoming police officers
  • Pair were inspired to join the force at a fair when they were just nine years old

Twin sisters have achieved their joint lifelong dream of joining the police, having first gotten a taste for the job at a fair nearly 10 years ago. 

Jodie and Molly Hill, 18, recently joined Northamptonshire Police as fully fledged officers, years after a sweet snap taken nine years ago showed them donning the uniform they would one day wear. 

The pair joined the cadets at aged 13 to get a better understanding of the emergency services and now, they are set to patrol the beat in Northamptonshire, having completed the non-degree entry route into the force. 

The pair were formally welcomed into the force just days apart, with Jodie receiving a job offer, shortly followed by Molly two nerve-racking days later. 

‘I wanted to joint the police as soon as I could,’ Jodie told The Daventry Express. ‘I think being at cadets helped me feel more confident in taking the next step. 

Jodie (R) and Molly Hill (L), 18, recently joined Northamptonshire Police as fully fledged officers

A sweet snap taken nine years ago shows Molly and Jodie donning the uniform they would one day wear

‘I got my formal offer on a Tuesday, however Molly didn’t get hers until the Thursday. Waiting for Molly’s offer was nerve-racking. As soon as she got hers there was a massive relief and we were all so happy.’ 

Molly added: ‘To have my twin in the service feels amazing. We both have different career paths to move onto in the future, but to be working with each other in the same force is great.’ 

And when asked if there may be a little sibling rivalry between the girls on the job, Jodie said: ‘Everything we do we try and put it in a competitive way to make both of us improve and become better. 

‘However, with the police, it’s all about working together and helping each other rather than competing against each other.’  

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