Snow to return across nation as Brits warned of killer freeze from US

UK weather: Met Office warns of wet and windy conditions

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Britons have been warned to expect the return of ice and snow in the coming weeks as the weather is set to take a decidedly chilly turn. Weather mapping site WXCharts has highlighted a renewed possibility of snow across the UK from January 8. The news comes as North America continues to be battered by a deadly blizzard that has claimed more than 60 lives across the US. The Met Office has already indicated cold air from the brutal storm hammering areas of America and Canada could cause “unsettled” weather in the UK over the New Year weekend.

Maps generated by WXCharts have unveiled a distinct white blanket over nearly all of the UK, meaning there is a possibility almost the entire country could be hit by snow.

In the south, the shading is paler, indicating there is a slightly lower chance of snowfall throughout January 8. In the north of England and across most of Wales, the shading is darker, highlighting an increased possibility of snow.

Across Scotland, nearly the whole country is covered in a far darker shade of blue, indicating the likelihood of falling snow is over 40 percent.

WXCharts indicated the Scottish Highlands could face up to 9cm of snowfall. Additional data from Net Weather suggested the snowfall was expected to cease by January 10

Another map generated by forecasting site Net Weather indicated large parts of the UK will plummet into temperatures well below freezing on the evening of January 8.

Some areas of Scotland will see temperatures fall to as low as minus ten degrees, while parts of England will experience minus six.

On the south coast, the temperature is set to remain marginally above freezing, at roughly three degrees.

The long-range Met Office weather forecast has outlined the likelihood of “changeable conditions” in the coming weeks as the North American storm will encourage unsettled weather.

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On Tuesday, the Met Office shared a video clip of the weather systems above the UK.

A caption read: “The UK is set for an unsettled period leading to New Year.

“This is partly related to the cold air that has been spreading across North America, helping to strengthen the jet stream and push low-pressure systems across the Atlantic.”

The Met Office highlighted that no “extreme conditions”, similar to those experienced in the US, were expected in the UK, although the country will face more low-pressure areas.

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In the US, at least 62 people have died in weather-related incidents, with 28 people having died in the New York city of Buffalo alone.

Local officials have suggested they expect the death toll to rise further as search and rescue operations continue.

As the snowfall declines and residents hope for a thaw, officials have warned there could be further issues from flooding as a “rapid melt” could overwhelm drainage systems.

Additionally, the storm has wiped out power for thousands of Americans and communities affected by the blizzard have also been hit by looting amid the devastations.

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