Son of Russian politician ‘missing’ in Italy days after US extradition approved

The son of a high ranking Russian official who was arrested in Italy at the behest of the US has suddenly gone missing.

His whereabouts became unknown the day after a court approved his extradition to the US on Friday (March 24).

Artyom Uss was arrested at Milan Malpensa on October 17, before being ordered to wear an electronic tag and remain at his residence near Milan.

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The US accuses Uss, the son of a Siberian politician, of illegally selling US military secrets to Russian arms companies.

On Tuesday, an Italian court consented to his extradition to the US, however the following day he is reported to have scarpered.

According to Italian media, police checked on Uss early on Wednesday morning (March 22), but around lunchtime his electronic bracelet sounded an alarm, indicating it had been removed.

He has not been seen since.

Many are speculating that he has fled the country in order to not be tried in the US.

His father Alexander Uss, who is the governor of the Siberian region of Krasnoyarsk, on Friday voiced his concerns.

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"As a father, I am very worried about my son," he told a press conference.

"I don't know where he is and I don't know what happened in detail.

"All I can say is that according to Artyom, the apartment where he was staying was well guarded by police. They even checked on him several times a night. So I don't really understand how he disappeared."

The governor had previously described his son's arrest as "political", reiterating his stance on Friday by saying his son was "caught up in a geopolitical game" while also claiming the lawsuit against him was "fabricated".

Uss was one of five Russians arrested at Washington's request for "unlawful schemes to export powerful" military technology to the Russian Federation.

The US Justice Department said some of the technology had been "discovered on the battlefields of Ukraine".

After his arrest in Italy, Russia put Uss on its own wanted list, with media reports suggesting he was being accused of money laundering.

It means there could potentially be a tug-of-war for his extradition between Moscow and Washington.

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