A mother and father were stabbed to death by their own son who then waited on the doorstep for police to arrive.

John and Beverley Taylor, both 66, were knifed 282 times with three different weapons by David Taylor, and died on December 21, 2021, YorkshireLive reported.

The 37-year-old carried out the brutal attack at the home he shared with his parents in Skipton, North Yorkshire, after he suffered audio hallucinations, Bradford Crown Court heard today (January 20).

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Taylor told doctors he was hearing "voices" that told him to murder people to save his family from "suffering for eternity".

The court heard Taylor had suffered from mental health problems for "many years" and, after having been discharged from hospital earlier that year, had asked for an "urgent" referral when he found himself struggling again.

The court also heard he had self-reduced his medication.

Taylor was referred to the adult mental health service the next day and diagnosed with schizophrenia and paranoid psychosis.

But Taylor skipped his appointments and medical practitioners found him difficult to reach in the months leading up to the killings, prosecutor Jonathan Sandiford said.

The day before the attack (December 20, 2021), Taylor had seen a doctor and told them about his hallucinations.

He was given a prescription, but the medication he was instructed to take was out of stock at two pharmacies he had visited.

Mr Sandiford said unused medication was found in Taylor's bedroom after he was arrested.

He said the couple's daughter-in-law had video chatted with Mrs Taylor just before 7am on the morning of the attack.

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Moments later, a neighbour heard a female voice "screaming"

The prosecutor said: "He could make out a few words which were something like 'don't come near me' or 'stay away from me'."

Half an hour later, Taylor made a call to 999 and explained he had stabbed his parents to death.

"He repeatedly swore – not at the call handler but he clearly appreciated what he had done," Mr Sandiford explained. "He was found to have appreciated the enormity of his actions and the implications on him.

"He agreed to go out onto the front step to wait for police and put the knives in the house away from him."

Mrs Taylor suffered 95 sharp force injuries caused by at least 93 uses of a knife or bladed instrument, the court heard.

Meanwhile her husband, Mr Taylor, had suffered 189 sharp force injuries, caused by 188 uses of a knife or bladed instrument.

Taylor was deemed not fit to be interviewed at the time but later pleaded guilty to manslaughter by diminished responsibility.

In March, Taylor was taken to Rampton Hospital for psychiatric treatment.

Giving evidence, medical practitioner Dr King told the court that "someone as dangerous as [Taylor] can be" should not be put in a prison environment.

In his report, the doctor added: "Therefore I think it is likely Mr Taylor will kill again if he is returned to prison."

In a statement, Taylor's sister said she didn't think her brother "received the help he needed and he couldn't cope with the demons in his head."

An independent review into her statements will be carried out.

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