Squirming Sir Keir Starmer insist Brits do not care about his gender ID blunder | The Sun

SIR Keir Starmer has insisted the public do not care about the trans rows that leave him squirming.

The Labour leader — who says some women can have penises — ducked around the thorny issue in an interview.

Suggesting one in a thousand women have male genitals, Sir Keir said: “For the vast majority, biology matters.”

But he said voters are much more interested in the cost-of-living crisis.

He told LBC: “I do wonder why we spend so much time discussing something which isn’t a feature of the kitchen table or the bar.”

Tory MP Jackie Doyle-Price reckoned: “Most people know no woman has a penis.


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“Some transwomen do. It isn’t that difficult.”

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