A bloke with a clever hack claims he has been checking into random Pizza Express tables to give strangers discounts and himself loyalty bonuses.

Redditor u/cameronchalmers described how they had been beating the system by going through occupied tables in the Pizza Express near their house and checking on to them.

Once they find a table to check on to, the user would slap on bonuses and discounts to the table from their own account.

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In return, they would get a stamp on the Pizza Express loyalty scheme which gives better rewards as diners progress through the tiers of bronze, silver and gold.

Taking to the subreddit r/britishsuccess, cameronchalmers said: “Every day, I log into the Pizza Express app and check into a random table at the restaurant I live across the road from.

"I get a loyalty reward, and the random table I check into gets a discount. I’ve saved people over £70 on their bills collectively so far.

“The more you check into the app, the higher your loyalty and the more daily discounts you can use. So I just guess a random table number until I find one with a bill and add whatever discounts I can

“I normally just go from [table number] one, and go up from there and they only have 50 odd tables so sometimes I’ll just pick a random number between one-50 until I find one”.

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Asked if the hack might get in the way of people who wanted to check in and use their own discounts, the Reddit user said: “As many people as possible can check in and each can apply discounts and get the rewards."

It sounds like the plan has been working so far too. They claim they “got two years of ‘silver’ to use, and if I check in once more I’ll be ‘gold’”.

The bronze reward tier allows users to “tuck into a free side dish every time you dine in or place a collection order, plus get a free dessert on your birthday".

Silver members get to “dine-in or place a collection order to get free Dough Balls ‘PizzaExpress’, a free soft drink and a free tea or coffee every time you visit, plus a free classic pizza on your birthday.”

For the gold members, the good times keep rolling. They “get rewarded with a free Romana upgrade, a free kids Piccolo meal (Mon-Thu) and so much more!"

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