How gogglebox turns us into chatterboxes: Almost three-quarters of Britons talk about TV shows more than any other subject, survey suggests

  • Research shows Britons favourite subject to talk about it what’s on the television
  • Other popular topics of conversation include film gossip, children and their pets
  • Of subjects we avoid, our sex lives comes in as top taboo, cited by 61 per cent
  • Survey of 2,000 people showed we also don’t like discussing money or religion 

We have been stuck indoors for much of the past year, so when it comes to small talk there is no surprise that our main topic is television.

Some 72 per cent of us say what we’ve been watching is high among the subjects we most enjoy chatting about.

And while Britons are reputed to be obsessed with the weather, it seems we would rather gossip about films (44 per cent), our children (35 per cent) and even our pets (29 per cent).

Research shows 72 per cent of Britons say what we’ve been watching on television and which movies we have been watching is among the top subjects we most enjoy chatting about

However, 55 per cent admit they watch shows out of fear they will miss out on participating in what used to be considered, pre-Covid, water-cooler talk.

The hours we spend on chit-chat add up to 15 days a year, the survey of 2,000 respondents by broadcaster Sky revealed.

There are plenty of subjects we avoid, with our sex lives the top taboo, cited by 61 per cent.

Other popular subjects we like to discuss during small talk include their children and their pets

Pay (52 per cent), religion (46 per cent), relationship problems (44 per cent) and politics (36 per cent) are also topics we say we prefer not to discuss.

When it comes to who we enjoy chatting to, shopkeepers are our favourite, chosen by 59 per cent, ahead of work colleagues and delivery drivers (both 40 per cent).

Small talk is important in making us feel connected and part of the community, say 89 per cent.

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