Tasmanian mum's mystery delivery: seahorse found on home's back deck

Mum’s shock after discovering ‘weird’ sea creature had dropped from the sky and wedged in her back deck

  • Tasmanian mum found dead sea creature on deck
  • Old Beach local shared photos of the seahorse online
  • Social media users made some outrageous guesses

A Tasmanian mum has been left baffled after finding a dead seahorse stuck between the slats of the back deck in her suburban home. 

Lauren McArthur shared the mysterious photos to a local community Facebook group, with the Old Beach local questioning whether anyone else had found ‘a seahorse on their deck’ or if it was ‘only her’.

‘What the actual f***?’ she wrote, ‘I wonder if the universe is trying to tell me something.’ 

Ms McArthur was bringing the washing in when she first noticed the creature wedged between the wooden slats of the deck. 

The seahorse (pictured) was found in between the slats of the deck at Lauren McArthur’s suburban Tasmanian home

The mystery discovery (pictured, the seahorse) is believed to have been dropped into the backyard by a bird after fishing it from the nearby Derwent River

‘I have got two dogs and they were sniffing around it, and I was thinking what on earth is that?’ she told Yahoo News Australia.

Ms McArthur said she moved the creature gently with her shoe to get a better look, before realising it was a seahorse.

‘It’s the first time I’ve seen something like that outside of an aquarium.’

The Tasmanian mum lives south of Hobart, 50 metres from the Derwent River but she was still baffled as to how the seahorse ended up in her backyard. 

Other residents believe they have solved the mystery, responding to her post it was most likely a ‘seagull that dropped it’s breakfast’ after fishing it out of the nearby water.  

The Tasmanian mum’s suburban home is located in Old Beach, 50 metres from the Derwent River but still left locals baffled 

Another local shared his own story and photo of a bat he had found clinging to his slippers, whilst another joked ‘if she was laying on the deck sun baking that could have ended differently’. 

Some took the mystery in a different direction, writing ‘it’s aliens… I had something similar happen at my house’.

Ms McArthur said she doesn’t believe the seahorse was the work of aliens or any other supernatural being.

‘I’m not a heavy drinker. I don’t smoke anything, and it didn’t just magically fall out of the sky.’

She assumes the creature was most likely dropped by a bird, after seeing increased numbers in the reserve near her house in the recent weeks.  

Dr Eric Woehler from BirdLife Tasmania said the most likely candidate to have dropped the seahorse was a silver gull, but kelp and Pacific gulls were also possibilities. 

‘Any of these might occasionally pick one up… the other alternative is a forest raven scavenging on the foreshore’, he said. 

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