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When it comes to the border crisis, Team Biden seems to think the only real issue is . . . words.

Thus did Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Monday make a big point of walking back President Joe Biden’s use of the word “crisis,” insisting he meant the crisis is in Central America, where most of the migrants come from, not on the border where they’re arriving in record numbers.

As if the label changes the fact that countless migrants are essentially waved in, while unaccompanied kids are kept in conditions that Democrats found intolerable under the last president.

Anyway, if the real crisis is in Central America, why is Vice President Kamala Harris, who’s supposedly point on that very issue, so disengaged on it?

She hasn’t visited the border or Central America — or held a press conference on the issue — in the 27 days since Biden put her in charge. Instead, on Monday, she traveled to North Carolina to visit a community college and an electric-bus manufacturer. Oh, and redefined her border task as “about bringing together . . . the members of the Cabinet. And the progress there is that Commerce, for example, is going to host a virtual trade mission.”

Right. Zoom calls are going to put a dent in the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants.

Team Biden also is obsessing about labels like “illegal immigrant” and “alien.” Now it wants officials to use “undocumented,” “noncitizen” and “immigrant integration.”

Huh? Defining an immigrant’s status as “undocumented” means that the only issue is one of paperwork, which is what the Democrats want. Allow everyone in and erase any difference between illegal immigrants and citizens. In short: Change the words enough, and the problem is not a problem anymore.

It’s maddening: The border is in chaos, and all Team Biden can focus on is renaming the deck chairs on the Titanic.

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