Teens bragged about murdering teacher with baseball bat over bad grades

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    Two sickening teenagers bragged about murdering their teacher following a poor grade assessment, with the students retaliating by allegedly killing her with a baseball bat.

    New details come to light and feature a possible motive for teenagers Willard Miller and Jeremy Goodale, who were arrested and charged with the murder of Nohema Graber, 66, a teacher.

    Miller had met with Graber on the afternoon of her murder to discuss his poor grades on November 2 last year, investigations revealed.

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    Later that day, the teacher had driven her van to a park where she usually takes a walk and was subsequently beaten to death with a baseball bat.

    It is said that the attackers behind the brutal murder are that of Miller and Goodale, who allegedly bragged about the attack on their social media a day later.

    A day later also, Graber's body was found hidden under a tarp, wheelbarrow and railroad ties in the park after having been beaten to death by the at-the-time 16-year-olds.

    Miller is said to have been frustrated with the grade he had received from Graber, with the result lowering his overall GPA score, he told police.

    Court documents filed by Jefferson County Attorney Chauncey Moulding read: "The poor grade is believed to be the motive behind the murder of Graber which directly connects Miller."

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    Miller later claimed that he did have "knowledge of everything but did not participate", claiming that a "roving group of masked kids" killed Graber.

    Graber's van, which witnesses say they spotted two men driving less than an hour after the teacher had arrived, was abandoned at the end of a rural road, New York Post reported.

    Another witness picked up two teenage boys as they walked along the same road, investigators revealed, while Goodale had allegedly bragged about the murder to a friend on Snapchat, with conversations implicating the teen in the killing of Graber.

    Both boys, now 17, will be tried as adults, with Goodale's trial set to begin on December 5 and Miller's slated for a March 20 start.

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