Terrifying moment alligator lunges from water and snaps at boat sending shocked tourists into panic | The Sun

A WILD video shows the moment that an alligator leapt from the water into a boat and snapped its terrifying jaws at tourists.

The gator's snout ended up inches from boat passengers during the shocking incident in a swamp near New Orleans, Louisiana.

"At your feet," a man can be heard saying at the beginning of the brief clip obtained by Newsflare.

The gator appeared to be trying to board the boat as it thrusted its front legs and head onto the vessel.

It opened its deadly jaws and bared its teeth as screams were heard in the background.

"Oh my God," yelled one of the passengers, who came within inches of the beast.

A man then gently placed his hands on the alligator's nose and guided it back into water.

The animal slid into the lagoon and submerged itself in the murky swamp.

"That's scary as s**t," a passenger said after the danger passed.

USA Today shared the video to YouTube, where many viewers were just as shocked by the ordeal.

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"Wow, he handled that giant water lizard with calm finesse," one commenter said of the man's response to the unexpected boat passenger.

Others thought that people may have been feeding the gator, which is why it was so eager to interact with humans.

"It'll probably cost him his life," one commenter said.

"Never seen such a friendly gator!!" said another.

"He's like, 'hey guys got anything good?'"

Lots of YouTubers cracked clever jokes about the situation.

"Guy just pushed that gator like: Not today gator, you're drunk," one said.

"He was checking to see if you wanted to extend your boat warranty," said another.

"The swamp puppy just wanted to say hi and beg for a treat," a viewer wrote.

At least one person saw the situation as potentially life-threatening.

"All y’all in the comments are weird," they said.

"No, he’s not smiling. No, he didn’t want to stop by to say 'hi.' That is a wild animal that can and will kill if given the chance.

"People who look at these types of apex predators and think of them as 'cute' or friendly are nuts."

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But not all alligators are aggressive.

Last year, one of the creatures who people dubbed WallyGator made headlines for giving out hugs in a Pennsylvania park.

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