Terrifying moment mum tells cops 'my son's killed someone' after teen, 19, stabs boy, 16, to death over £20 debt | The Sun

THIS is the terrifying moment a mum tells cops "My son's killed someone" after the teen stabbed a boy to death over a £20 debt.

Charley Bates, 16, was knifed through the heart by Joshua Delbono, 19 following a car park fistfight in Radstock, Somerset.

When Delbono he got home about six hours later, his own mother then called 999 to report what he had done and then handed the receiver over to him.

During the call, Delbono's mother said: "My son's killed someone.

"It was at Radstock earlier. He's just come back and I've found out.

"He's in my house now but I can't let him go anywhere."

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When asked by the operator if he knows she is on the phone, she responds: "Yeah, he's here. I've told him I've got to do it."

She later passed the phone to her son, who told the operator: "I don't know anything about him (the victim) at all.

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"I went in to help my mate. I thought 'I'm not getting stabbed'."

Delbono was found guilty of murder despite denying it, after a two-week trial.

He was today jailed for life and told he must serve a minimum of 21 years.

Prosecutors say Charley had a previous issue with one of Delbono's pals, believed to be over money, and they began scrapping.

As others got involved in the brawl, Delbono picked up a knife he claims was left in his car by its previous owner, and stabbed Charley through the heart.

Delbono and his group left the scene in Radstock, Somerset, after less than five minutes.

Charley was pronounced dead a short while later.

Bristol Crown Court heard Delbono had then tried to cover up his crime and was pictured on a friend's mobile phone burning his clothing a short while after.

During the 999 call, Delbono said he had never met Charley or any of his friends before, but had "instinctively" reached for the knife as he wanted to protect his pal, who he thought was going to be stabbed.


Prosecuting, Adam Vaitilingam KC had told the trial Charley had been hanging around with a group of seven friends that afternoon in a car park by the library.

He added: "A little after 6.30pm two cars drove into the car park together.

"The first car had two young men inside and the second car was Joshua Delbono with his girlfriend.

"It seems Charley knew at least one of the two men in the first car.

"There had been some history of bad feeling between them.

"Charley went over to speak to them and the talking turned into a fight as the driver of the first car got out.

"It started as a one on one fist fight but eventually it escalated. The passenger got out and so did one or two of Charley's friends.

"However, at that stage, the defendant was not involved and was sitting in his car.

"But at some point in the fight, the defendant got out of the second car, had a knife, walked over to where the fight was happening and stabbed Charley several times, including in the chest."

The prosecutor said the defendant and his crew got back into the two cars and drove away – less than five minutes after they had arrived.

Charley's friends called 999 but doctors and paramedics could not save him and he was pronounced dead at 7.15pm.

Delbono and his pal drove to a lake half an hour away to get rid of the knife and burn some of his clothes.

Charley had his whole life ahead of him and it was cut short by Joshua Delbono

Mr Vaitilingam said: "His girlfriend thought it was a good idea to film this, and photos were recovered from her phone by the police."

Later that night, around midnight, the defendant's mother called the police and reported what he had done.

Mr Vaitilingam added: "She told them her son had killed someone – and put him on to the phone.

"He said the boys in Charley's group had attacked his friend and said he had got out of the car and got involved to help his friend. He admitted he had stabbed someone."

After his arrest, Delbono declined to comment in police interview but later sent a prepared statement.

Mr Vaitilingam added: "He said he got out of his car to intervene in a fight between his friend and Charley and said he had 'instinctively taken the knife with him'.

"He said he had seen one of Charley's friends with a knife in his waistband and worried he might use it to stab his friend."

A post mortem found Charley died of a stab wound to the front of his chest that caused massive bleeding. Another stab wound to the back of his left forearm was described as a possible "defensive wound."

The stabbing itself wasn't caught on CCTV but footage of both group's movements before and after it happened were played to the jury.

In his statement, Delbono said he did not intend to kill anyone and said he and his friend were "bored" so went to Radstock to hang out together.

Delbono said he saw a group of men he didn't know come over and had assumed they were friends.

My son's killed someone

He said he could not hear what was being said but all of sudden they started fighting.

Delbono added: "More people become involved. I was shocked and did not know what to do."

He said his friend was on the ground being punched and stamped on when he saw the "black handle of a knife in a waistband."

The 20-year-old added: "I thought he was going to use it to stab my friend. He put his hand on the handle like he was going to draw it."

Delbono said he "instinctively" grabbed the knife and went towards them.

He added: "My intention was to stop him stabbing my friend. At the last second he moved out the way."

Delbono said Charley took a swing at him and "in the melee" was stabbed.

He added: "Everyone panicked and left the scene – it was a chance encounter that escalated in a way I could never imagined. I am truly devastated."

Speaking after the case, DCI Mark Almond said: "Our thoughts and sympathies remain with Charley's family who have experienced unimaginable pain over the past nine months. They continue to grieve for Charley and we are offering them support through our specially-trained officers.

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"Charley had his whole life ahead of him and it was cut short by Joshua Delbono. The vigil held in his memory in Radstock in the days after this senseless tragedy highlights how his death affected the community and how popular a person he was.

"Such incidents are thankfully rare in Radstock, but the devastating consequences knife crime has on families and communities is clear for all to see and it is why we are committed to work with our partners to do all that we can to prevent more tragedies like this from happening."

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