Tesco warns customers to throw out £2 ‘bursting with flavour’ Vocation beer over fears the cans could EXPLODE

  • Tesco has recalled Vocation Brewery’s Lower Altitude beer as it could explode
  • Fermentation in the cans mean they could swell and burst, the chain warned
  • The 2.8 per cent beer is advertised by its brewers as ‘bursting with flavour’  

Tesco has told customers to throw away beer, warning some cans could explode violently.

Vocation Brewery’s Lower Altitude Table Beer has been deemed too risky to sell or stock on shelves after it was revealed the cans could spontaneously combust.  

The Trading Standards and the Government’s Food Standards Agency have issued a public safety warning about the beer. 

Fermentation is causing the beer cans to swell, putting them at risk of bursting. 

Vocation Brewery’s Lower Altitude Table Beer has been recalled over fears it could explode 

The 2.8 per cent strength beer was listed on the Vocation Brewery for £2 a can 

There is a fear people have bought cans and have them sitting at home, ready to drink.

Tesco are now offering anyone who has bought the beer a full refund – even without a receipt.

All customers need to do is take a photo of the beers, throw them away and show the picture to Tesco staff to get their money back.  

Vocation Brewery’s website, which says the beer ‘bursts with flavour’, listed it at £2 a can. Tesco has been selling it in packs of four 330ml cans.

The supermarket giant warned on its website: ‘Product recall – if you’ve bought an affected product, please don’t drink it.

Tesco told all customers with the beer to throw it away and claim a refund using a photo of the cans 

‘Instead, take a photo of the cans and then dispose of them safely at home. Show the photo to a colleague at a customer services desk in a Tesco store to receive a full refund. No receipt is required.

‘If you’d like more information, please contact Vocation Brewery at [email protected] or by phone on 01422 410810. You can also contact Tesco Customer Services on 0800 505 555.’

Listing the affected product, Tesco said: ‘Vocation Brewery is recalling all batch codes of Vocation Lower Altitude Table Beer 4 x 330ML, due to fermentation in some of the cans, causing them to swell and potentially burst.’

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