Joy Reid cannot help her cynicism toward charges against law enforcement officials. On April 20, the MSNBC correspondent and host of The ReidOut appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to discuss Derek Chauvin being found guilty of all charges in the murder of George Floyd earlier that day. “This needed to go this way in order for society to be able to take a step forward,” Reid said. When it came time to announce the jury’s decision, Reid explained that the “very quick return of a verdict” had her hopeful, but she “didn’t dare assume that was going to be the outcome.”

“I’m very, very cynical about charges against police,” Reid said, reminding viewers about the statistics of police officers being convicted of murder. Her feelings date back to 1999 with the shooting of Amadou Diallo, an immigrant shot by four New York City police officers, who were all acquitted of the charges one year later. “Go all the way through . . . Tamir Rice, who was a 12-year-old child playing with a toy gun. Police officer jumps out, shoots him immediately. No charges. I tend to go with the statistics that show about 2 percent of police officers are ever convicted of killing someone, let alone killing somebody Black.”

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