Thomas Cook flight HQ1513 from Heraklion to Brussels engine catches fire during take-off from

A THOMAS Cook plane was evacuated after SMOKE began pouring from its side during take-off.

Firefighters and paramedics were called after the incident on flight HQ1513 from Heraklion to Brussels on Monday.

The aircraft was forced to come to a halt as it attempted to leave the runway at Heraklion Airport, on the Greek island of Crete.

The pilot reportedly cut the lighting and ventilation after "yellowish smoke" began pouring from the right side of the aircraft.

Cabin crew asked that the doors of the Airbus A320 remain closed to stop the smoke getting inside, passengers said.

Witnesses also reported seeing a reactor on the right side of the plane "catching fire" and said the heat in the cabin became "unbearable".

Six crew members and 180 Thomas Cook customers were escorted from the plane and onto the runway after the issue, at around 8.20pm.

Florence Brassart, of Lasne, Belgium said: "When the pilot pushed the engine for take off the yellowish smoke came out of the right side of the reactor before catching fire.

"It suddenly slowed and we were all thrown forward."

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Speaking to a local paper, she said: "There were many children on the plane. You can imagine the panic and stress for children."

Florence added that after the aircraft was evacuated shortly after its scheduled take-off time, staff members told her: "Be happy to be alive."

Another passenger, Fabien Herpers of Tsalikáki, Greece, said the heat on board the plane became "unbearable".

Writing on Facebook, he said: "Just after the thrust of the engine, a yellowish smoke came out of the reactor law.

"The pilot has just had time to stop the plane. A few meters later and he would have been impossible to go backwards.

"The Firemen came to extinguish the fire. We have left the aircraft after long minutes endless.

"The heat became unbearable. The pilot had to cut all the electrical."

Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium said there was no fire on-board the plane.

A spokesperson said: "Flight HQ1513 from Heraklion (1710) to Brussels (2045) returned to the gate after an oil leak required its takeoff to be aborted.

"This is a standard procedure, with all customers and crew disembarking the aircraft in the usual fashion before being transferred and accommodated in local hotels for the night.

"We are very sorry for their inconvenience."

They added that there was "no increased risk" to passengers and crew during the incident.

"Our routine response is to carefully examine the aircraft and investigate before repair work is undertaken by maintenance experts," they said.

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