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Three people are dead after a vehicle crashed into the water in Long Island City Saturday morning, police said.

The tragic incident happened at around 4:45 a.m. on Borden Avenue.

The three unidentified males were pulled from a submerged vehicle in Newtown Creek,  a 3.5-mile long tributary of the East River.

The vehicle was still in the water as of 8 a.m., according to an NYPD spokesman, who said the victims were in critical condition when they were rushed to Cornell Medical Center.

“Speed was a factor in the crash,” the spokesman said.

A witness told The Post that between 3:45-4 a.m. he saw a “souped-up black sedan with a modified exhaust speeding down a dead-end street” on Borden Avenue.

The witness said the vehicle “dropped gear” and attempted to make a right turn, but mid-turn, the car “goes sideways over a hefty makeshift concrete skateboarding ramp” into the mucky water of Newtown Creek.

The witness said the car completely cleared a tall fence, perhaps 15 feet, and flew another 20 feet out before landing in the creek.

Police saw no property damage around area of crash.

The witness said it wasn’t unusual to see BQE racers in the area because Exit 15, Van Damn street, is the last exit before the tolls of the Midtown Tunnel. In order to avoid the tolls, racers usually get off there. 

The FDNY said they responded to Borden Ave and the Long Island Expressway at about 4:45 a.m. and “firefighters deployed multiple rescue divers in conjunction with Marine units and removed the three doomed passengers from their vehicle. EMS treated and transported all patients to area hospitals.

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